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Team of Experts

Peter Lombardi

Peter is our resident clean water expert, with nearly 20 years of experience under his belt. Much of that has been spent advocating new technology and ways to keep water fresh and clean. From simple filters to softeners and reverse osmosis systems, he knows it all.

With a background in plumbing, Peter now works as a water quality specialist, helping to survey local water supplies for various contaminants; chemical runoff, fertilizer, and the like, and helps consult on the drilling of wells.

On the side he still does a bit of plumbing, particularly the installation or water filters and reverse osmosis systems for both domestic and commercial use.

Peter lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three beautiful children, and acts as the expert source of a lot of our information. He has contributed to most of the technical articles on the site in one way or another.

Jennifer Bellini

Jennifer is our resident marketing expert, and is in large part the reason for our recent growth. With an MBA in marketing and business management, she oversees the day to day running of the site, and helps ensure everyone here is taken care of.

Her business management experience also helps with filtering out some of the products that seem good on the surface, but might not live up to expectations. Living in Wisconsin, she’s helped consult with a ton of businesses that have issues with the hard water supplies available in the region, and can tell you all about what extra steps need to be taken for commercial locations rather than domestic ones. Greater volume requires greater solutions, and there are a lot of liability concerns to look out for to boot. 

She does her best to educate prospective new business owners in problems to look out for, particularly in restaurants and other businesses that need a large volume of water on the regular.

Jennifer also acts as our liaison to affiliates when needed, so please direct all affiliate requests and similar site inquiries to her. She’ll endeavor to get back to you as promptly as she can.

Carl Jensen

Water is Carl’s life, and always has been. From a young age he knew he wanted to work with it, and he’s spent his whole life jumping from job to job, always with the same central theme. From simple household plumbing to underwater welding, if it involves water, he’s worked with it.

These days, he spends most of his time on land, but his immense amount of experience with pipes and plumbing of all types for every type of purpose aids him well, and he’s one of the most respected plumbers in his area today, working with clients both big and small.

While mostly retired now, content to run his business and only step in to help if strictly necessary, he’s designed to share his expertise with our site in his spare time, taking our combined experience to the next level. Chances are, if we’ve written a tutorial or blog, Carl has consulted on it, and you can find his maker’s mark on any of our DIY tutorials.