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GE vs Whirlpool Water Softener – 2022 Guide

by Carl Jensen

Plumber, Welder, Contractor

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If you live in a hard water area and tired of dealing with the issues resulting from it, a well-chosen water softener can be the solution. Simply by purchasing a water softener and hooking it up to your household water supply, you REVOLUTIONIZE your water quality. 

GE Appliances and Whirlpool are 2 of the most reputable brands, both with a long history in the country—1905 and 1911. These brands have produced many great machines over the years, but if you want to find the best water softener, keep reading our GE vs. Whirlpool water softener reviews to find the right one for you.

Here are the water softeners you may want to consider:

  • Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series: Best Whirlpool Water Softener Overall
  • GE SMART GXSHC40N: Best GE Water Softener Overall

Top Choices on the Market

Best GE vs Whirlpool Water Softener Reviews 

1. Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series: Best Whirlpool Water Softener Overall

The Whirlpool WHESFC is the ultimate in water softeners; when you purchase this model, you’ll get a reliable machine for years to come. Whether you’re new to the world of water softeners or have been using them for years, this model will suit everyone. The easy-to-use and intelligent design requires minimal human input to perform, so you’ll get exceptional results every time. 

Whirlpool is known to be the most salt-efficient water softener creator on the market today, and this model reinforces this reputation. The Whirlpool WHESFC utilizes a SMART 2-in-1 hybrid design that softens and filters your water, allowing you to benefit from 2 water treatment systems in 1 machine.


  • Combines water softening and water filtering
  • Low maintenance design
  • Doesn’t require filter changes (self-cleaning)
  • Targets and eliminates several water contaminants
  • The intelligent design optimizes functionality and performance



  • Doesn’t require filter changes
  • Will suit a range of households
  • Hybrid design, a 2-in-1 system
  • Offers whole house protection
  • Ideal for households with 5 or fewer people
  • Not the cheapest option

Part of the Pro Series, the Whirlpool WHESFC is a 2-in-1 system that both filters and softens water. This is what classifies this model as a hybrid and makes it a great space-saving solution for those who want the benefits of both water treatments without needing 2 separate systems.

This model is ideal for small-medium households and can easily cater to 1-5 people. 

The WHESFC has a 31,000-grain capacity and a 120 grains per gallon removal rating. You’ll also benefit from the 3 ppm (parts per million) iron removal rating that minimizes rusty-colored residue on your water-run appliances and drains.

This system specifically targets and reduces calcium, chlorine, iron, magnesium, and sediment.

Demand-Initiated Regeneration Technology helps the efficient use of salt, ensuring you never waste any, so consequently, you won’t be spending more money than is required. 

Not only this, the system will calculate EXACTLY how much salt is required for thorough cleaning of the media bed and notify you when the salt level is low thanks to the low-salt light.

This is a HUGE step forward for Whirlpool. Unlike previous models, the WHESFC prioritizes precision. It’s considered a SMART water softener and uses 25% less water and salt due to its superior monitoring capabilities. 

The whole house carbon filtration system protects your entire household from hard, impure water and the damage it can cause. Yet, it does this without requiring filter changes. This is a self-cleaning system; every 2 weeks, the WHESFC cleans its own filter.

Engineered, designed, and assembled in the USA. This is a proud U.S. brand that takes pride in its work. Of all of the water softener reviews for GE vs. Whirlpool, this model comes out on top.

2. Whirlpool WHES30E: Best for the Money

WHES40E 30000 Grain



  • NSF-Certified
  • Uses features that optimize efficiency
  • One of the cheapest options
  • Not best suited for large households
  • Has lower impurity ratings than other models

The Whirlpool WHES30E is the best choice if you want a cost-effective option. With this model, you get the best of Whirlpool design yet don’t need to break the bank.

This model is ideal for a small-medium household of 1-4 people. This is reflected in the other model specifications, with a 30,000 grain removal capacity, hardness removal level of 95 grains per gallon, and 8ppm iron removal rating. These results are still excellent, but they are lower than you get on other Whirlpool models built for larger households.

The WHES30E lives up to the Whirlpool standard. This machine is entirely produced in the USA; it comes with an extensive warranty; it is National Sanitation Foundation-certified and possesses the features you’d expect.

You’ll know exactly when your softener needs more salt thanks to the low-salt light indicator and Demand Initiated Regeneration Technology. This process monitors your water use and matches the salt consumption to it.

There are other TECHNOLOGICAL FEATURES that optimize efficiency: 6th Sense and Demand Regeneration can recognize and “predict” how you use the water softener. This isn’t a generic machine, but an intelligent one that learns your requirements and acts accordingly.

Requiring 110/120 Volts, measuring 19” x 18” x 43.5” and weighing 94.8 lbs. This is a well-sized machine that will complement the majority of homes. Simply connect to a one-inch male pipe thread to start the process.

Enjoy the standard Whirlpool warranty. This includes a 1-year warranty for manufacturer’s parts, a 3-year limited warranty for electronics, and a 10-year limited warranty for the tanks.

3. GE SMART GXSHC40N: Best GE Water Softener

Appliances SMART GXSHC40N



  • Can use a smartphone to monitor the machine
  • Unique Wi-Fi connection feature
  • Self-cleaning sediment filter
  • Needs Wi-Fi connection to operate fully
  • Additional fittings required for 1” pipes

The GE GXSHC40N is classified as a SMART water softener. This is the first of our GE water softener reviews, and it’s not your average water softener. This machine is loaded with intelligent features that make your life easier and produce EXCEPTIONAL results.

Connect the machine to your smartphone, thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi connection and SmartSoft technology, and receive water flow alerts. 

If ever there’s a significant change or emergency which requires your attention, your smartphone will notify you. But this isn’t all: You can even use your smartphone to shut off the water. Contaminated water could easily give you infections from drinking from it.

You’ll also have access to other important information through your smartphone. Keep an eye on the machine’s consumption—monitor the flow rate and water usage—and receive a notification when salt levels are low.

You can expect all the benefits of a water softener with the GE GXCHC40N since its primary features MAXIMIZE efficient results. Thanks to this machine, you’ll enjoy cleaner water, which leaves less residue on dishes, and reduces build-up and scale in your water-run appliances. 

Match the water softener to your needs; select your desired softness level with the custom select valve.

This model features a quick connect fitting and can fit pipes up to 1.25”. It measures 22.5” x 48” x 14.5” and weighs 102 lbs. It has a 230 lbs. salt storage capacity and a high-flow valve type. All in all, this is a comprehensive machine however, it’s on the larger side but powerful.

This model has a 40,000-grain capacity and provides a maximum efficiency of 5,100 gpg (grains per gallon.) You can expect a maximum hardness removal of 125 gpg and a maximum iron removal of 8 ppm.

4. GE GXSF30V: Best for the Money




  • Includes extensive warranty periods
  • Smaller and lighter than other models
  • A cheaper water softener option
  • Doesn’t feature salt saver light
  • Doesn’t have a sediment filter

The GE GXSF30V is our selection for the best GE water softener for the money. This model doesn’t cut corners; it still delivers excellent results, just without the high price.

If you’re new to the world of water softeners and don’t want the big financial investment, the GE GXSF30V is a wonderful starting point. 

Capable of a 30,400-grain capacity, a maximum efficiency of 4,800 gpg, a maximum hardness removal of 95 gpg, and iron reduction removal of 3ppm (parts per million.) These are decent numbers and rival other similar, yet more expensive, models.

You’ll benefit from the easy-to-use electronic control, with a status light indicator, which shows you all the essential information, and quickly allows you to adjust the settings. The days to empty indicator is an incredibly useful feature, providing accurate information, so you know EXACTLY when to refill the salt tank. You might have to regularly change also the filters to secure the effectivity of the systems.

This model features a resin tank which measures 9” x 35”. It has a standard flow valve type and a 7.5 service flow rate. Overall, the GXSF30V weighs in at 81 lbs. and measures 22.5” x 43.25” x 14.5”, with a 200 lbs. salt storage tank.

This softener’s measurements are generally smaller than other models, reinforcing the beginner-friendly nature of this machine. If you are looking to save space as well as money, this is an ideal choice. 

Like other GE models, this machine includes a limited 1-year warranty on the appliance, a limited 3-year warranty for the electronic monitor, and a limited 10-year warranty on the tank.

5. Whirlpool WHES40E Salt-Saving

WHES40E 40,000 Grain



  • A high-performing machine
  • Utilizes several efficiency-enhancing features
  • Will suit various household sizes
  • Removes the average number of water contaminants
  • Not the cheapest option on this list

The Whirlpool WHES40 is made to suit several household types. This water softener is ideal for small-to-large households of 1-6 people (or more.) This makes it one of the most versatile options on this list. So, despite the fact this is the last of our Whirlpool water softener reviews, this isn’t reflected in the performance of the softener, and doesn’t lack quality or produce mediocre results.

The specs for this machine reflect its ability to function at a higher level. It’s able to cater to more people because of its SUPERIOR DESIGN.

This machine will operate only at a high level of efficiency. Due to the Salt Saving Technology, Demand Initiated Regeneration, and ultra-high flow valve, you can expect this model to make your life easier. This machine monitors itself and notifies you when you need to take action; there’s no guesswork involved with the WHES40.

Other features that enhance its user-friendly design are the water flow indicator, which can help you identify potential leaks in your plumbing. The tank light allows you to monitor the tank’s salt level, and the low-salt light indicates when salt levels are low.

This is a 40,000-grain water softener, which can remove water iron up to 10 ppm. It has a hardness removal level of 125 grains per gallon and effectively removes calcium, iron, and magnesium. If you live in an area with high water hardness and iron, this high-functioning machine is a suitable choice.

These are wonderful results for a water softener, yet doesn’t remove the same number of contaminants as our number one choice.

Measuring 19” x 48” x 18”, with a tank size of 18” x 19”, and weighing 112 lbs. This is a large machine, but about average for this kind of model.

6. GE GXSH45V High-Functioning




  • Can be adjusted for various softness levels
  • Highest softening specifications
  • Incredibly efficient functionality
  • Only suits plumbing connections up to 1.25”
  • Not the cheapest option

The GE GXSH45V offers the highest specs of any of the GE water softeners in our selection. If you know you want a HIGH-FUNCTIONING machine, one which will cater to your specific demands of the water hardness in your area, this machine will ensure you have the best tasting water.

This model will keep up with high demands with its 45,100-grain capacity, 5,120 gpg maximum efficiency, a hardness removal of 160 gpg, and iron reduction rating of 12 parts per million. These numbers place this machine at the high end of the scale.

Use the exclusive Custom Select Blending Valve to adjust the softness of your water. This puts you in control of your particular needs. 

Another feature that enhances customized use is the built-in SmartSoft Technology, allowing the machine to learn your water-consumption patterns and adjust accordingly. This can reduce salt consumption, so you use up to 34% less salt than other softeners. 

Further enhancing this machine’s efficiency is its smart use of water. You can expect to use 35% less water with the GXSH45V.

The user-friendly electronic controls clearly provide the information you need and allow you to make easy setting adjustments. Thanks to the various indicator lights, you’ll tell when salt is low, the machine’s status, and when the Salt Saver function is in operation.

This softener has a net weight of 109 lbs. and measures 22.5” x 48” x 14.5”. The tank has a 230 lbs. salt storage capacity, with a high-flow valve type. These stats emphasize the high-performance construction of this machine.

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Final Verdict

Fleck 2900 NXT

WHESFC Pro Series

When you understand the impact of a good water softener, it becomes easy to see why they make such a difference. Just by selecting the best softener for your particular household’s needs, you’ll have an ongoing supply of great-tasting, superior quality water regardless of the water hardness in your area.

You can’t go wrong with a well-chosen GE Appliance or Whirlpool water softener. These 2 companies have been established and perfecting their craft for over a century. As a buyer, this helps build confidence; with such a long history, you know that time has proven their reliability.

Our top pick is the Whirlpool WHESFC. This is the best of the best, offering something for everyone. It’s the entire water softening package: Efficient, thorough, well-designed, and dependable. Not only this, it’s given a technological boost with a SMART design and Demand-Initiated Regeneration Technology, which ensures you don’t waste water, salt, or energy. For an alternative option, you can try GE water softeners which are high-quality systems to improve your health.

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