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Fleck vs GE Water Softeners (Updated 2022)

by Carl Jensen

Plumber, Welder, Contractor

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There are plenty of good reasons to own a water softener. Once you learn how water quality impacts EVERYTHING it touches on your property, every water-operated household appliance, it’s natural to wonder how you ever lived without one. I bought my first water softener for purely practical reasons; I wanted better-tasting water, which didn’t damage my house as it flowed through it.

Fleck and GE produce amazing water softeners, yet it can be hard to find the right one for you with so many on the market. If you’re having trouble determining the best, read our Fleck vs. GE water softener reviews.

Here are the water softeners you may want to consider:

  • Fleck 2900 NXT - Best Fleck Water Softener
  • Fleck 5600 Econominder - For the Money
  • GE GXM31H - Best GE Water Softener

Top Choices on the Market

Best Fleck vs GE Water Softener Reviews 

1. Fleck 2900 NXT: Best Fleck Water Softener

Fleck 2900 NXT



  • High-impact construction and design
  • Can be used commercially or in residential properties
  • Has an ultra-high grain capacity
  • Built to last
  • Only suitable for select residential properties
  • One of the most expensive options

The Fleck 2900 NXT is classified as a commercial water softener, but don’t let this label fool you; it’s also an excellent choice for many residential properties. It would be easy to be misled by the term “commercial,” yet a water softener of this type includes features you would NEVER get with a standard household water softener.

This is the ultimate kind of water softener. It’s great for businesses, apartment complexes, or high-demand residential households. It suits a range of building types, giving it added versatility.

One of the massive selling points is the PHENOMENAL 150,000-600,000 grain capacity. It’s rare to see a capacity of this magnitude, and the heavy-duty construction of this unit means you can get soft water round the clock, 24 hours a day.

Get all the benefits of a water softener with this model: cleaner laundry and dishes, healthier skin, longer appliance life, no stains or dissolved minerals, and GREAT drinking water.

This model has a maximum operating temperature of 120°F (threaded) or 150°F (fanged); it has a maximum operating stress of 150 PSI and 600 PSI minimum burst.

The durability of this unit means you’ll be using it for years to come. Since it’s been designed with high-impact, harsh chemical commercial environments in mind, it can easily withstand daily wear-and-tear.

The 2 softener tanks won’t rust, are low-maintenance, and made from durable 100% composite fiberglass with a polyethylene inner shell.

This durability and performance are further enhanced by the two-inch lead-free brass valve body and stainless steel inline meter.

Buy this model—risk-free—with a 100% money-back guarantee, free shipping, and standard included warranties.

2. Fleck 5600 Econominder: For the Money

Fleck 5600 Econominder



  • An affordable option
  • Capable of running during power failure
  • Energy-efficient design and construction
  • Includes limited warranties
  • Older mechanical style

The Fleck 5600 Econominder is ideal for residential properties, specifically households of up to 6, who need coverage for 3 bathrooms coverage. This is the typical coverage you can expect for the 32,000 grain capacity; however, this will change if you select a higher or lower capacity. 

Like other fleck models, the buyer can select their desired grain capacity, from 24,000 to 64,000. If you live in an extremely hard water area or need extensive household coverage, the higher grain capacities will better suit your needs.

You can also choose between a 0.75” bypass valve or the 1” bypass valve (both are made from plastic). You also get a black, white, or blue color choice.

The 5600 Ecominder lives up to its name, delivering dependable, economical results that use little power. Part of this low-power nature is due to the style of the control panel; this model doesn’t feature an electronic control and is manually operated via a dial. This feature stands out in the event of a power outage. The mechanical metering system is built to last without electricity.

This model features a highly durable fiber-reinforced poly valve tank, which is UV-resistant and non-corrosive.

This model comes with 8% high-capacity resin, a material that reduces salt usage and can be used over a greater period of time. Expect to save up to 50% in salt usage because of this feature.

Buy with confidence because of the standard included warranty and the various official organizations and agencies that back the machine’s quality and efficiency. This is NSF- and WQA Gold Seal Systems-approved.

3. GE GXM31H: Best GE Water Softener




  • Has built-in advanced filtration
  • Consumes less personal resources
  • Includes efficiency-enhancing features
  • Doesn’t have the highest grain capacity
  • One of the more expensive GE models

The GE GXMH31H is loaded with hi-tech features that upgrade your water softening experience. You get a lot for your money with this top-of-the-range model.

This is a 31,100 grain capacity unit, with a maximum efficiency of 4,230 gpg, a maximum iron removal of 3 ppm, and a 120 gpg maximum hardness removal. This may not be as high as other models or brands, but this doesn’t impact performance. In fact, you can expect consistently high results with this model.

The built-in advanced filtration allows this machine to provide exceptional water quality; both chlorine odor and taste are removed.

The low-maintenance design is a selling point for people who want an efficient machine that runs with minimal human interference. Thanks to the self-cleaning sediment filter, you’re saved for changing the filter or needing to perform extensive cleaning. 

If you’re looking to save your resources, this is the model for you. The Salt Saver function reduces needless waste, and SmartSoft technology ensures precise results by learning your water usage patterns. The combination of these features means you reduce your use of water, salt, and energy. 

Not only this, the Water Quality Association (WQA) determined that you’ll use up to 50% less laundry and dishwashing detergent with a GE water softener attached to your household water supply.

This model attaches to plumbing connections up to 1.25”. It weighs 120 lbs., with a 10” x 40” resin tank. The total size of this unit is 22.44” x 14.44” x 47.63”.

Choose your preferred water softness level by adjusting the lending valve. This customizing feature allows you to adapt the machine to your needs and your area’s surrounding water hardness.





  • Includes essential features
  • Has a lower price point
  • Great for a water softener newbie
  • Doesn’t have the highest grain capacity
  • Doesn’t include features of more expensive models

The GE GXSF30V is a great option for those who want to benefit from GE’s reliability and efficiency without paying a high price point.

This model has a 30,400 grain capacity, a maximum hardness removal of 95 gpg, maximum efficiency of 4,800 gpg, and 3 ppm iron reduction removal. If you’re new to water softeners, these are good numbers and will suit a number of households.

This model measures 22.5” x 43.25” x 14.5” and has a total weight of 81 lbs. It features a standard flow valve, with a 7.5 service flow rate. The resin tank measures 9” x 35”, and includes a 200 lbs. salt storage tank.

Get the information you need by consulting the user-friendly electronic controls. This is a high-tech feature that raises the entire unit’s performance. Although a few features are absent—which makes sense with the lower price point—you still get the essentials.

The “days to empty” indicator is incredibly useful. With this feature, you know exactly where you stand and don’t run the risk of needlessly refilling the salt tank. The Low Salt indicator light further supports this.

Efficiency is an essential aspect of this machine; it is built to fulfill this purpose. You can expect to use up to 20% less water with this model.

You can expect an easy installation with this model. Simply plug the GXSF30V into a standard 24V outlet and a 1” plumbing connection.

When you purchase this model, you’re covered by the limited 1-year warranty on the unit, limited 3-year warranty on the monitor, and a limited 10-year warranty on the tank.

5. Fleck 5600SXT

Fleck 5600SXT



  • Includes extensive warranty periods
  • Offers units in a variety of grain capacities
  • Filters can be upgraded to provide greater coverage
  • Price increases with higher grain capacities
  • Filters need to be changed

The Fleck 5600 SXT is available to cover a range of water hardness levels; choose from a low 24,000 grain capacity, right up to 64,000. This machine builds on former models, excelling them by including new and improved features and functioning.

This is a whole house softening unit that’s built to last. It’s based around the user-friendly interface panel and operates with intelligent diagnostic features.

The easy-to-read backlit LCD screen displays all the information you need for easy operation. This is a pre-programmed machine, meaning you don’t need to try to figure it out to get it up and running. However, if you need to change any settings, this can be easily achieved because of the simple layout. 

The LCD screen’s blue backlight makes this an excellent option for low light conditions, and can even run without power for up to 48 hours. This is made possible by the built-in capacitor, which holds memory regardless of power input.

All the 5600 SXT water softeners are built to use energy efficiently. The solid-state microprocessor keeps track of essential information like your daily water usage and will self-adjust based on this information. It responds to your needs; it doesn't operate generically.

This machine’s size and weight depends on the grain capacity; generally speaking, as the grain capacity increases, all the other specifications increase. This isn’t true for the brine tank; this always stays 15” x 34”. The unit weight ranges from 80-160 lbs.

Have peace of mind with the extensive 1-year distributor warranty, 5-year valve warranty, and 10-year tank warranty. It's an effective product to filter microplastics in water which are harmful chemical substance present in water.





  • Doesn’t waste resources
  • High performance specifications
  • Incredible grain capacity
  • Requires electricity to operate
  • One of the more expensive GE water softeners

The GXSH45V offers some of the highest specifications you’ll find on a GE Appliance water softener. This gives it immediate benefits over other water softener selections, and the fact we’ve placed it last on this list says nothing about its actual performance capacity.

This unit runs at a high 45,100 grain capacity, it has a hardness removal of 160 gpg, a maximum efficiency rating of 5,120 gpg, and a 12 ppm iron reduction rating. 

These numbers alone really set this machine apart from the rest. If you want a supreme water softener for your standard residential property, you’ll be well-covered with this model.

Like other GE models, this unit is designed for efficient functionality. Yet, unlike those other models, the GXSH45V takes things to another level. 

Consume fewer resources with the support of the built-in SmartSoft Technology. This feature allows the machine to learn your water consumption patterns and create an appropriate response; it won’t unnecessarily use water or salt if you don’t need it. In fact, you can expect to use up to 35% less water and 34% less salt because of this single feature.

Enjoy the self-cleaning design of the GXSH45V. This is a low-maintenance machine that doesn’t require constant input and monitoring to do a good job—it’s inherently designed to do the job for you. 

The tank is equipped for 230 lbs. of salt storage, yet the unit’s net weight is 109 lbs. Easily install the softener by attaching to a plumbing connection up to 1.25” and adjusting the softness level using the Custom Select Blending Valve.

Final Verdict

Fleck 2900 NXT

Fleck 2900 NXT

Choosing the right water softener for yourself and your family’s personal needs can make a huge difference to your household water supply quality. If you’re unfamiliar with water softeners, choosing the right one can seem like a complicated process. 

Hopefully, by now, our reviews have shown you why both Fleck and GE Appliances produce quality units, and you’ll have specific information to help you identify your ideal choice.

If you want the ultimate water softener, built for extreme use and high-performance, the Fleck 2900 NXT is the one for you. When you purchase this unit, you buy risk-free, with a 100% money-back guarantee and a 5-year warranty. You get to enjoy the exceptional ultra-high grain capacity, continuous soft water supply, high flow rate, and programming flexibility. 

When you want a high-demand system for your water softening needs and a small unit just won’t do, this is the power you’re looking for.

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