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Express Whole House Water Filter: Get Rid of Nasty Drinking Water

by Jennifer Bellini

Marketing expert, Business guru

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The contaminants in your water supply can cost you thousands of dollars or more every year because of the water bottles that you buy to drink. While there are hundreds of systems on the market that claim they can get rid of those contaminants and purify your water, we created this Express Whole House Water Filter review to help you know some of the key benefits of this system and how it compares to others.

With this water filtration system, you can get rid of the chlorine and other chemicals in your water that gives it a funky taste and enjoy the natural taste again. Find out everything there is to know about this system in our review.

Express Whole House Water Filter Review



  • Made from food-grade parts that make your water safe to drink
  • The filters work for up to 12 months or 100,000 gallons of water
  • Uses three different layers of filtration to remove as many particles as possible
  • Easy to setup
  • Comes with lifetime support from the manufacturer


  • It may reduce your water pressure
  • Some had problems installing the filtration system
  • Does no work as well with hard water sources as you might expect
  • Only works with the one-inch connectors

Is It Worth Your Money?

The herbicides and pesticides that your neighbors use can drain off the plants and weeds and into the ground. Once those chemicals reach your water supply, you might think that it's game over. With the Express Whole House Water Filter, you can get rid of those chemicals and spend less time and money on maintenance.

This system uses a three-stage system of filters to remove any type of impurities found in the water. It is easy to use and lets you know in seconds when the filter is worn out. You also get a high-flow design that ensures water comes out of the tap at a fast rate.


  • Dimension: 4.5 x 4.5 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Easy to Install
  • Four-stage filtration system
  • Flow Rate: 30 GPM


No Express Whole House Water Filter review is complete without mentioning the three-stage filtration system. It features one filter designed to remove the sediment in the water such as sand and dirt and a second filter made from granular charcoal, which catches the chemicals that make the water look cloudy and taste bad. With the third filter, you can catch bad odors too.

We like that it comes with a freestanding frame too because this gives you the option to install it anywhere you want. Not only can you mount the system right next to a water softener, but you can mount it inside a cabinet or on a wall and use it on a table or cabinet.


  • One-year warranty and lifetime support
  • Three-stage filtration system
  • Carbon, activated carbon and sediment filters
  • Weighs 62 pounds in total
  • 0.25 gallon per minute flow rate
  • 100,000 gallons of water per filter


Thanks to the one-inch connections that come in the box, this system will work with the pipes found in most homes, even if you have copper or PVC pipes. It comes with instructions that include drawings to help you see how to set it up. If you have any questions or problems with the installation, you can contact the manufacturer for help as the system comes with lifetime support.

We like the pressure gauges located at the top of each filter too because they help you see what the system does and how it works. It also allows you to see what comes out of your water and when the filters stop working.


You can get the Express Whole House Water Filter for right around the same price you would pay for competitive systems. Though some systems cost a little less, they are usually only designed for a single room or tap. This system brings down the price on the replacement filters too.


Hard water isn't something that you have to live with, especially when there are options such as the Express Whole House Water Filter on the market. It works just as well in homes in the city as it does in the country and can even work with homes that rely on a well.

The next time that you fill a glass with water, check to see what it looks like. If the water looks cloudy or you see particles suspended in the liquid, you need a new water filter. The Express Whole House Water Filter can work better than some water softeners do.

Our Opinion


Our bottom line on the Express Whole House Water Filter is that it is a good water filtration system at a great price. Buying a new water softener or a system that filters water can cost much more than you have in your budget. This system lets you save money on the cost of filtering your water and maintaining the system.

With our review Express Whole House Water Filter, you can see how this will work in a home in the country or the city. It features three stages of filters that work on everything you can see and the particles that you can't see.

Other Options Worth Looking At

Two other systems that are worth looking at are the Express Water Heavy Metal Whole House Water Filter – 3 Stage Home Water Filtration System and the Express Water Whole House Water Filter – 3 Stage Anti Scale Home Water Filtration System. Both of these systems come from the same manufacturer and have some nice benefits for most homes. You get the same three-stage filtration that you need to get rid of sand and other sediments in your water along with chemicals and bad odors.

Though you may want to take a look at these options, keep in mind that they cost a little more than the Express Whole House Water Filter does. We like that the second system reduces the buildup of scale from lime and other deposits in your taps and pipes. That feature doesn't come standard on all the Express systems. You can also look at iSpring Whole House Filter System as another great alternative.

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