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Brita Everyday Water Pitcher Review of 2022

by Jennifer Bellini

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It's almost impossible to think about home water pitchers without thinking of the name Brita. As this company makes so many different models though, finding the right one can be difficult. That is why we created this Brita Everyday Pitcher review, which looks at one of the best pitchers for your home.

Weighing less than three pounds, this pitcher is easy for your kids to refill and place in the fridge. It replaces standard water bottles and has a built-in system that reminds you of how often you used the filter. You can find out how well this Brita pitcher works and whether it's a good choice for your water needs in our review.

Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher


  • Takes up less space in your fridge and can fit in the door
  • Filters last for up to two months or 40 gallons
  • Holds up to 10 cups of filtered water
  • Has the same capacity of 300 standard water bottles
  • Sticker indicator labels help you keep track of the filter


  • The pitcher is hard to clean
  • You might find that the reservoir sticks to the pitcher
  • Can break if you drop the pitcher
  • Algae and mold can grow inside it

Is It Worth Your Money?

Deciding whether the Everyday pitcher is worth your money is easy when you think about how much you spend on water bottles. It can take the place of up to 300 of the standard bottles that you drink before you need to replace the filter. Thanks to the built-in system, you get reminders of how many times you used the filter and when it's time to use a new one.

Each standard filter works on the common impurities and toxins that your water might have, including chlorine, copper and mercury. Those filters last more than twice as long as those from other companies do too. Check out the specs and pros and cons of this pitcher to decide if it's worth the money.


  • Dimension: 11.9 x 7.4 x 16.8 inches
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Filtration capacity of 2.4 L
  • with Sticker Filter Indicator

Detailed Breakdown

Check out the following sections of our Brita Everyday review to get an idea of the features that you'll appreciate.


With a 10-cup capacity, the Everyday pitcher from Brita can provide enough water to get you through the day and enough for your whole family. It's so easy to fill that anyone in your home can do it, and it has a filter that works quickly too. You no longer need to spend hours waiting for your water to finish filtering.

Thanks to the filter indicator system, Brita takes the guesswork out of deciding when to change it. This system includes stickers that you add to the lid. You can mark the stickers to indicate when you added the filter and use it to countdown how long it will last.


  • 5.4 X 10.7 X 10.1 inches
  • Weighs only 2.29 pounds when unfilled
  • Uses an included lithium-ion battery
  • Space-saving design
  • BPA-free
  • Large capacity


Many of the negative comments that you'll find about this pitcher concern the design. The plastic is quite fragile and can outright break or crack if you drop it. Another issue is that water can get in between the layers of the plastic and cause mold or algae to grow, which you cannot remove as those parts do not open.

In terms of ease of use, we like the indicator system that lets you use small stickers to see when you added the filter and when you need to replace it. It's also easy to fill because the lid pops up in seconds for refilling. As the filter has a 360-degree design, it allows the water to reach the reservoir faster than other filter and pitcher systems can.


Brita offers water pitchers in price points that fit any budget. While the Everyday pitcher is a little more expensive than some, it's an affordable option for others. The price significantly drops when you compare the cost to how much you would spend on water bottles to get the same amount of water.


The Everyday water pitcher from Brita is a good choice for anyone tired of wasting money on water bottles that they toss in the recycling bin or throw away. With a single filter, you can get the same amount of water that you would find in 300 bottles. It is also a good choice for those who have dirty water or tap water that tastes off because of impurities and chemicals.

If you have kids, you'll also appreciate this pitcher. It has a low weight that makes filling and carrying it easy. Even your kids and teenagers can fill the pitcher after drinking the last glass.

Our Opinion

We created this Brita Everyday Water Pitcher review to go over the benefits of the pitcher and why it's worth the investment. This is a solid pitcher for those who like Brita products and want to have a regular source of clean drinking water.

Some of the features that we think are the best include the large capacity, fast filter and indicator system. With a filter that lasts longer than similar models do and a design that removes mercury, copper and other contaminants, Brita Everyday Pitcher is suitable for most shoppers.

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Other Options Worth Looking at

To help you find the best Brita pitcher, we'll compare the Everyday model to two others. The first is the Brita Metro Pitcher, which is BPA-free and can hold up to five cups. While you might like the small design, the Metro pitcher isn't suitable for big families or homes.

Those who live with others may prefer the 10-cup capacity of the Brita Grand Pitcher that comes in multiple colors such as white. It features the same indicator system that the Everyday pitcher does and works on the same contaminants and impurities. As the Grand Pitcher has a round base and body, it can take up valuable refrigerator space and requires more room than the Everyday pitcher does. Aquagear water filter pitcher is also a great alternative in terms of filtration and capacity that can match Brita. Another product that could compare with Brita is the EHM Alkaline water pitcher that is on par in terms of quality and performance.

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