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Best Twin Tank Water Softener in 2022 – No More Hard Water

by Carl Jensen

Plumber, Welder, Contractor

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When you have hard water, you need a hard-working water softener that explicitly suits your household’s particular needs. 

These dual tank systems ELIMINATE water hardness with LCD and smart technology, guaranteeing softer water, cleaner dishes, a livelier complexion, and more lustrous hair. 

Depending on your household’s size and the water’s hardness, you may need a different capacity brine tank. If you have more ferrous material in your water, you may want a highly effective water softening system for eradicating iron. 

Whatever your unique needs are when it comes to water, the best twin tank water softener can help.

Top Choices on the Market

Best Twin Tank Water Softener Reviews 

1. DuraWater Fleck 9100 SXT 48,000 grain Twin Metered On-Demand: Best Overall

The DuraWater Fleck 9100 SXT 80,000 grain is the perfect twin water softener system for small stores or households with quite a few people. The second tank provides continuous access to soft water, and the unit is built to withstand the wear-and-tear of 27 years of uninterrupted use.


  • Twin tanks provide continuous soft water 
  • Paddle-wheel meter to save consumers money
  • Explicitly engineered to last a long time
  • Perfect for large households or small business



  • Noryl Plastic Bypass makes installation a snap
  • Rotating tanks that switch according to time or amount of water
  • Adjustable settings save you 15% on salt and water
  • Minimal water or electricity waste
  • Large and heavy

With a high filtering capacity, the DuraWater Fleck 9100 SXT ships preloaded with resin for easy installment. The additional Noryl Plastic Bypass, included with the unit, makes installation stress-free. You DON’T have to worry about inserting the resin into the unit or having to match connectors as everything is included. 

The Fleck 9100 SXT also keeps track of how much water you use as a large household or small shop with a paddle wheel meter, regenerating when necessary. You always have access to a soft water flow in your house because of the dual tank system. One tank is used as a backup, regenerating while the other is in use, and the unit automatically switches over if need be.

The Fleck 9100 SXT’s settings are preset to regenerate either after 3,800 gallons or 12 days of use. However, if you prefer, you can set the unit yourself according to how much water you use in your household or shop.

This twin tank system saves you 15% in water and salt as you pare down your water usage. With 2 tanks, the unit makes exceptional use of each tank, only switching to the other and regenerating when entirely necessary and saving salt and water.  

Although this unit does take up a considerable amount of space and is also quite heavy, you shouldn’t shy away from it because you think that its size means higher flow rates. With its rugged exterior, it is constructed with both long-term use and consumer savings in mind.

2. ABCwaters 5600 SXT Fleck Water Softener: Best for the Money

ABCwaters 5600 SXT Fleck



  • Does not use electricity
  • No backwash
  • No maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • May leave an unpleasant taste in water

The ABCwaters 5600 SXT Fleck Water Softener is perfect for households of up to 6 people and is an ideal product for both your budget and the environment. With no electricity usage and no backwash, the ABCwaters 5600 is a hard-working duo tank unit with unique specifications.

Without much necessary maintenance throughout its lifespan, you only need to replace the salt every few months. This unit has exciting regeneration technology and knows when to regenerate and switch to its second tank. You can continuously get soft water from your taps even as the device initiates its regeneration process. 

Water does not spill or overflow, thanks to the ABCwater’s safety float. At only 95 lbs., the twin tanks take up an adequate amount of space but are not too massive. The upflow carbon filtration system does not require backwash, which saves on electricity and is more eco-friendly.

Its 10% cross-linked resins create media that will last longer, requiring fewer replacements. Easy-to-follow instructions mean that you can install this appliance yourself without worrying about messing anything up. 

This is an excellent, low-maintenance water softener for the price, and it can handle a fair amount of wear-and-tear in a household of up to 6 people. If you want a unit that’s good for the environment as well as being suitable for your wallet, the ABCwaters 5600 SXT Fleck Water Softener is your best bet.

3. AFW Filters Fleck 9100 SXT: Best Whole House

AFW Filters Fleck 9100 SXT



  • Large tanks equal fewer regeneration cycles
  • 2 connectors for 1” or ¾” pipes
  • 2 different warranties: 1 for valve, 1 for tanks
  • The total capacity of 160,000 grains
  • May leave salt flavor
  • Doesn’t filter out chlorine

If you need a water softener that works very well for a large household, the AFWFilters Fleck 9100 SXT is an exceptional tool, providing soft water 24/7 with no hassle or fuss.

The most vital asset of this high capacity, 2-tank system is its immediate regeneration function. When the unit finishes regeneration in one tank, it immediately switches over to the other tank, which equates to maximum continuous flow to handle medium-sized businesses or even restaurants. 

This model has 2 large tanks that can deal with 80,000 grains of water hardness, each for a combined capacity of 160,000. The high capacity of the patented duo tank system allows for maximum flow rate. Since the tanks are large, the AFW Filters Fleck 9100 SXT needs fewer regeneration cycles, saving you money on salt and water.

DIY installation is a breeze as the AFW Filters Fleck 9100 SXT comes with 2 adaptor valves fitted to the most commonly used pipes in the business. A 1” or a ¾” connectors, this unit is shipped out ready to serve most homes and businesses.

This is a heavy-duty water softener that can handle a large household or a business’ steady customer flow. At 22 GPM and optimum levels hitting 25 GPM, this is a workhorse of a water softener.

4. AFWFilters Fleck 9100 Dual tank Water softener 48,000 grain: Most Versatile



  • High flow rate at 20 GPM
  • Excellent filtering capacity
  • Simple installation
  • Back-up power
  • The interface may be confusing

The AFWFilters Fleck 9100 dual tank system has a high filtration capacity and an excellent flow rate so that you’ll never be left wanting for soft water again. You’ll experience no interruptions in your water flow with this high capacity unit. 

With a flow rate of 20 GPM, the AFWFilters can serve a household of up to 10 people and can even suffice for small businesses or eateries. The unit’s technology switches from tank to tank automatically, so you never have to worry about a delay in your soft water.

This system also minimizes water wastage, which is better for the environment and your household budget. Since it only regenerates when it needs to, this need-based cycle ensures a constant flow of soft water for less money. 

Since it is a smaller unit than other systems, it uses less electricity to run the softener, saving you money at the end of the month. This water softening unit works well in small and large households, so if your water usage fluctuates, the system adjusts with it.

The installation is much easier because this unit takes up less space in your basement, garage, or utility closet. At only 53 lbs., it isn’t impossible to maneuver. It ships preloaded, and the shipment includes everything you need to start your journey towards softer water. 

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5. Fleck 9100 SXT Dual Tank 96,000 Grain: Best for Treating High Hardness

Fleck 9100 SXT 96000 Grain



  • Highest filtering capacity
  • Smart usage-based metering system
  • Largest capacity grain
  • Controls can be complicated
  • Can be unwieldy

If you need a water softener with the highest filtering capacity, the Fleck 9100 SXT 96,000 Grain is the perfect unit. With such a large grain capacity, this model is substantial enough to service soft water needs for large households (up to 10) and businesses, even restaurants. 

The intelligence-based meter technology lets you check your water usage with ease, as well it can save you money in the long run as you can observe your water usage and trim where needed. 

The unit helps you do this by tailoring the settings to reflect your home’s water usage. It can also set regeneration cycles according to what it predicts your water usage will be in the future.

With a safety float making sure everything is where it should be and eliminating any risks of overflow or spill, you can save up to 25% in wasted water and salt. If you need an efficient machine that can handle a large family household’s high flow, the Fleck 9100 SXT Dual Tank 96,000 Grain is an ideal option.

The 96,000 grain Fleck 9100 SXT is a dual-tank system designed to be maintenance-free, so you don’t have to worry about costly upkeep or continual repairs. Smart technology adjusts settings so that you don't have to; all you have to do is enjoy a continuous flow of soft water into your home or business.

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6. AFWFilters Built Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener with Upflow Carbon Filter: Best All-Around Package

AFWFilters Built Fleck 5600SXT 48000 Grain



  • Flex line adaptor included
  • Upflow carbon filtration system
  • 12 GPM flow
  • Treat medium-to-hard water
  • Does not adapt to fluctuating water usage

The real showstopper of the AFWFilters Built Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener is the unit’s flex line. This 24” flex line connects the carbon filtration system’s outlet to the inlet of the softener. The carbon filtration marks these water softeners as an excellent choice for a moderately sized household with high expectations.

The filtration system that this model uses requires no backwash, which makes it better for the environment because it doesn’t need electricity, produces no wastewater, and requires no drain line.

The carbon filter takes out more than the usual contaminants. This high-tech system can also remove chlorine, chloramine, herbicides, pesticides, and all unwanted tastes and smells from your water. 

Since it has 2 tanks, the system automatically shifts from one tank to another, ensuring that you and your loved ones continually enjoy the flow of soft water into your home. 

It’s a long-lasting system as the resin has been upgraded to make it more durable and practical. The media also contains coconut shells, which filter out even more untoward elements from your water.

The AFWFilters Built Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener comes with absolutely everything you need to start getting soft water into your home today. With a detailed user manual, you can quickly install this model to enjoy the many soft water benefits.

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7. Fleck 9100 SXT 64,000 Grain Iron Pro Water Softener: Best for Treating Iron

 Fleck 9100 SXT 64000 Grain Iron Pro



  • High mesh resin
  • No hard water use for regeneration
  • 15 GPM flow rate
  • Built-in conservation mechanism
  • Not DIY-friendly

If you have high iron content in your water, this is the water softener you need. The resin pre-loaded into the Fleck 9100 SXT 64,000 Grain Iron Pro Water Softener is a fine mesh resin, which means it can filter out much more iron than other water softeners. It also lasts longer than other resins, which saves you money in the long run.

The Iron Pro also uses soft water for its regenerations instead of hard water, so the valve connections and resin cleaner. You can also keep track of how much water your household uses with the Iron Pro’s water usage meter. 

If there’s a power outage, the Iron Pro has backup energy and saves your settings so you don’t have to reprogram your device. 

You can install it yourself with the provided necessities, but it is more complex than some other systems to set up. It has an easy-to-use LCD for programming. Both the tanks and the valve connecting them are under 2 different warranties, so you know that you can quickly get it fixed or replaced if something goes wrong. 

If you love Fleck water softeners, you can purchase this model in multiple grain capacities, according to your home or business’ needs. You can also choose between white, black, or blue color schemes to blend in with your décor.

Choose the Fleck 9100 SXT 64,000 Grain Iron Pro Water Softener to help improve your skin and hair’s health and remove contaminants from your water for the safety of your family.

Final Verdict


DuraWater Fleck 9100 SXT 80,000 grain

When you have hard water, your hair and skin feel itchy or lifeless, your plates don’t shine, and your laundry can come out looking dirty and spotted. If you’re considering a water softener to help rid your household of hard water, a twin tank system may have the efficiency and capabilities that your house needs. 

The DuraWater Fleck 9100 SXT 80,000 grain is a perfect companion to any home’s water system because it has a high filtering capacity, a high flow rate, and easy-to-use touchpad controls. 

With a paddlewheel meter, you can keep track of the exact amount of water that your family uses, and the DuraWater Fleck adjusts its system to your water needs. 

If you’ve been considering a change to a dual-tank water softener system, the DuraWater Fleck 9100 SXT 80,000 grain is an ideal choice. It tops our list due to its excellent technological abilities, large capacity, high flow rate, and simplicity. 

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