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Best Salt Free Water Softeners in 2022 – Offer the Pure Refreshment Your Family Needs

by Peter Lombardi

Quality Specialist, Consultant

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Drinking water is one of the healthy habits we know we should have. The water that comes from our household taps is often full of harmful components that may impact our health. 

I was a fan of bottled water. Yet, the ongoing cost and inconvenience of buying bottled water became too much. Not only this, once I calculated the amount of plastic I was consuming, I realized I needed a better eco-friendly option.

That’s when I stumbled across water softeners. These attach to your household water supply and transform your water’s quality. The best salt free water softeners can create pure, clean drinking water your family can enjoy.

Top Choices on the Market

Best Salt Free Water Softener Reviews 

1. SoftPro Elite Salt Free Water Softener: Best for City Water

Our choice for best salt free water softener provides extensive coverage, supplying each water pipe in the house with optimal water quality. This whole house system ensures all your water-run household appliances, kitchens faucets, and bathroom outlets only offer the best possible water.

If you want to remove the most contaminants possible from your household water supply and give your family great-tasting freshwater, the SoftPro Elite Salt Free Water Softener is the choice for you.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Assembled in the U.S.A
  • Has potential for future upgrades
  • Doesn’t require electricity to operate
  • Easy installation and maintenance-free



  • Very low maintenance 
  • Provides extensive household coverage
  • Includes a lifetime warranty
  • Can be upgraded to include more features
  • Is a financial investment
  • Is considered a water softener alternative

The SoftPro Elite Salt Free Water Softener is built for ultimate durability, reflected in the included lifetime warranty. We consider it the best salt-free water softener in our reviews.

This water softener eliminates the impact of hard water without having to use salt. The advanced salt-free technology prevents 99.6% of hard water scaling. The Scale Control Technology (SCT) transforms unwanted minerals into harmless microscopic particles. These are small enough to be eliminated from the water.

This is a chemical-free water softening option which allows you to retain healthy minerals while eliminating the substances you don’t need in your water. 

It’s not just the water you drink, which will benefit from the SoftPro’s efficient SCT; your bathing water, dishwasher water, and laundry water will all equally benefit. This is a whole-house water upgrade, no area is left untouched, and you can use it in up to 5 bathrooms.

This has an automatic impact on all your water-run household appliances. By improving your water quality, you’re giving the machines fewer contaminants to process, thereby increasing these appliances’ lifespan. 

This is an eco-friendly option that wastes no water, uses no electricity, yet consistently removes over 99% of the unwanted substances from your water.

Install the SoftPro, and let it go to work. You don’t need to program or adjust this system, nor do you need to maintain it as time passes. This is the ultimate low-maintenance solution.

This machine is guaranteed to provide all your water softening needs and backs its promise with a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee. Try the SoftPro Elite to discover how much it has to offer.

2. Powermag Magnetic Water Conditioner: Best for the Money

Powermag Magnetic



  • Can work with a salt-based system
  • Easy to install
  • An EXTREMELY affordable option
  • Only fits pipes up to 0.75”
  • Will not suit larger properties

The Powermag Magnetic Water Conditioner is an easy to install solution for smaller spaces like mobile homes, apartments, condos, or RV’s. This piece is considered a “small” basic model, so if you don’t require extensive water filtration, this could be a good choice.

Using the most recent 360° surround hydro-magnetic technology, this conditioner can run without salt. The powerful neodymium magnets—that are a hundred times stronger than ceramic magnets—can be installed by anyone, without specialized tools or having to modify your home water pipe setup. 

The magnetic fields produced by these powerful magnets alter the molecular structure of particles that cause hard water and stop residue from building up inside the pipes.

The portable nature of this piece offers flexibility. Easily remove the Powermag and take it with you to your next area of residence. This piece isn't heavy, awkward, or complicated to install. Use this piece alongside a salt-based water system, if you want, or leave it running salt-free.

This piece fits any standard pipe size, up to 0.75”, and any standard pipe material (including iron, copper, PVC, ABS, etc.) This is a low-maintenance solution that doesn’t use electricity, doesn’t require on-going maintenance or filter changes, and is only 3” long.

If you want a cheap solution for your water conditioning needs, this piece is the one for you. Direct from the factory pricing makes the extremely low pricing possible. You won’t find a better option when it comes to cost.

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3. Aquasana Salt-Free Water Conditioner: Best Descaling Salt Free Water Softener

Salt-Free Water Conditioner



  • Eco-friendly function and design
  • Unique design enhances water purification
  • Built to last
  • More complicated installation than other models
  • Filter needs to be changed every 1-3 months

This is the first of our Aquasana SimplySoft salt-free water softener reviews. Aquasana offers a range of Water Filter Systems, offering different add-on features and capabilities. Choose the right one for you based on how long you want the system to last, desired flow rate efficiency, and performance demands.

Produce great-tasting water every time, free from the contaminants in our mainstream water supply. 

The Aquasana 6-year filter system will remove 97% of harmful substances found in your water. Easily remove traces of water-soluble heavy metals—mercury, lead, etc. —chlorine and other contaminants while inhibiting harmful bacteria. This filtration system is equipped with activated carbon and copper-zinc, and mineral purification defenses.

The dual-tank Upflow design increases water contact time with the purifying materials while preventing clogging. This useful feature maximizes on the power of contaminant-stripping materials present in this machine.

Measuring 27” x 46” x 9”, this water conditioner is capable of lasting up to 6 years—or 600,000 gallons—and is capable of producing 7 gallons a minute (GPM). Reinforcing this long-life guarantee is the machine’s 6-year warranty. 

Included in your Aquasana Water Filter System are the 600,000-gallon filtration tank, couplings, valve, and 10” pre-filter.

This high-performance filter system is composed of high-grade components and is an easy maintenance option. These 2 things combine to make this a convenient piece of equipment. The filter needs to be changed every 3 months to maintain an optimal flow rate and filtration quality for best results.

If you want to improve your drinking and bathing water, the Aquasana 6-year filter can give the best performance year after year.

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4. Salt-Free Water Softener Anti-Scale System: Whole House

Anti-Scale System:



  • Easy to install
  • Very low maintenance design
  • Doesn’t require electricity
  • One of the more expensive options
  • Filters will need to be periodically changed

The Salt-Free Water Softener Anti-Scale System is a whole house system, and we consider it one of the best salt free water softener systems. The 4-stage filtration process utilizes revolutionary technology, eliminating water hardness without the use of salt.

The built-in technology converts the calcium found in water into nano-meter-sized calcite crystals, incapable of causing lime deposits.

Composed of 3 20” filter cartridges, this system offers superior-high-quality results. The solid carbon cartridge removes all traces of volatile organic carbon compounds (and contaminants like pesticides, insecticides, and other industrial solvents).

The final stage involves a 0.2-micron Ultrafiltration membrane. This ultra-fine filter removes all remaining unwanted substances from the water, substances which require ultra-filtration to be removed. Some of these are parasites, bacteria, proteins, viruses, and endotoxins.

This system operates at temperatures between 40-100°F and pressures between 20 psi-125 psi. The tank itself is constructed from Fiberglass with a stainless steel and polyresin jacket.

This model is available in 2 different sizes. Select the option that suits yourself and your family’s needs: The 10” x 54” tank or the 12” x 52” tank. There is a 20 lbs. difference between these 2 options.

This conditioner also acts as a descaling device. Simply by attaching the device to your household's water system, you’ll benefit from its descaling power; removing old residue as well as preventing future build-up. After it eliminates this residue, a 30- to 80-micron thick corrosion-preventing layer forms thanks to the interaction between the pipe's metallic surface and the crystal's nano surface.

If you've had enough of dealing with water softeners which require salt, or if you live somewhere where they aren’t suitable, this salt-free Water Softener Anti-Scale System is a GREAT choice. These are great for residential areas but if you are in a city and looking for a water softener, these particular ones are better and suited for your area.

5. APEC Water Systems FUTURA-15 Premium: Premium Conditioner

APEC Systems FUTURA-15 Premium:



  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Eco-friendly option
  • Provides extensive household coverage
  • Doesn’t reduce water hardness levels
  • One of the more expensive options

The APEC Whole House Water Softener is a premium piece of equipment. Select the kind of softener you need based on the type of coverage required for your household.  This model is also available with a coat and flagship WH filter, or standard WH filter.

This particular model is designed for use with 3-6 bathrooms—providing good coverage for a large house. This water softener is suitable for water hardness levels below 25 grains per gallon.

The APEC water softener utilizes a completely SAFE and NATURAL process to purify your household water. This softener uses advanced ceramic media to attract and neutralize hard water.

By converting the inherent water minerals into a scale-resistant crystalline form, you get great-tasting water with no lime deposits.

The compact single tank can be easily connected to the main water supply line, doesn’t require any electricity, and doesn’t waste water while it runs. This softener’s salt-free nature means it doesn’t reduce water hardness levels and is non-corrosive to pipes and appliances.

The APEC showcases quality that is rarely seen these days. This brand is designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA, giving it the unequivocal Made in the U.S.A stamp. Quality isn’t compromised with this company; they use supreme quality material based on 20 years of experience and research.

Be reassured by the 10-year limited warranty and additional expert support. This water softener is an investment but only requires a one-time upfront payment. After that, it maintains itself and saves you money in the long-term. Water softeners are very much different from water filters and purifiers, here's how they differentiated in terms of functions and benefits.

6. Yarna CWD24 Water Descaler: Electro-Magnetic

Yarna CWD24



  • Easy to install
  • One of the cheaper models
  • Available in larger-diameter options for thick piping
  • Works independently of the water system
  • Need access to a water pipe

The Yarna Capacitive Water Descaling System follows earlier Yarna models, building on their structural foundation while blazing a new trail.

If the other Yarna models don't provide the coverage you need, this piece will. Choose the model that suits your pipe requirements. The 2-inch pipe diameter option, OR four-inch diameter. This is a significant jump from other similar models, which only cater to smaller pipe diameters.

Yarna focuses on specific functions: Sanitizing your pipes, reducing scaling, and preventing corrosion and rust. It does this through powerful electric fields that alter how calcium crystals behave within the water. When water flows through your pipes, passing through the 2 impulse coils, Yarna’s powerful electric waves change the water quality.

These impulse coils are made from customized isolated copper, with a high alloy purity. These firmly attach to your water pipe because of the flexible, thin construction. The flat coils increase the contact area, allowing for an efficient energy transfer. 

You can expect up to 15.4 gallons per minute, or 3,500 liters per hour, of treated water to pass through the system with 99% efficiency. This is a cost-efficient, chemical-free, eco-friendly solution to virtually any household water system.

Similar to other electro-magnetic descalers, the Yarna is easy to install; specialist tools aren’t required, and it’s easy to maintain. For successful installation, all you need is physical access to your water pipe and at least ten-inches of pipe space to attach the copper coils.

Try this descaler risk-free for a whole year, with a 100% money-back guarantee. There are different types of water filter for that could remove particular bacteria, pick the particular ones that you can benefit more from.

7. Aquasana OPTIMH2O: UV Treatment

Aquasana OPTIMH2O



  • Utilizes UV treatment
  • Provides extensive property coverage
  • Features LED system filter indicator
  • Filter must be changed
  • One of the most expensive options 

The OPTIMH2O is another high-quality option from Aquasana. This GROUNDBREAKING whole house filter system removes more than 99% of cysts and lead, 98% of PFOS/PFOA, as well as other unwanted substances.

Aquasana doesn’t make empty claims; it backs its data up with rigorous testing, official certifications, and ongoing research. The OPTIMH2O is IAPMO-tested and certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 53 and NSF/ANSI Standard P473. This means they have been confirmed to remove PFOA, PFOS, lead, and cysts effectively.

The OPTIMH2O utilizes powerful UV filtration to sterilize water, eliminating as many unwanted impurities as possible. Enjoy odor-free, deliciously-clean drinking water thanks to the combined action of the sediment pre-filter, carbon block, and salt-free water conditioner.

The hi-tech LED system indicator shows you how the system operates and if a filter change is required. Green indicates good water flow and no need for a filter change, yellow indicates the upcoming need for a filter change, red indicates the filter must be changed now. This color-coded system takes the guesswork out of your next filter change.

When you do need to change your filter, simply lift it out of the tank. No specialist tools are required thanks to the patented snap ring technology; easily lift and replace the filter. On average, a 20” pre-filter lasts 3-6 months before needing to be replaced.

This filter has an 8-gallon per minute flow rate, making this an excellent choice for the everyday family. This may be one of the more expensive water softening systems, but the results can more than justify the price.

8. HQUA 5000-E Rust-Preventive

HQUA 5000-E:



  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance design
  • A cheap option
  • Doesn’t work with pipes larger than 1.5”
  • A water softener alternative

The HQUA 5000E Electronic Water Descaler is a water softener alternative that utilizes new technology to address hard water issues. If you’re looking to minimize, prevent, and eliminate calcium deposits and stains, this descaler can help you reach your goal.

Any area touched by water, faucets in the bathroom, the inside of pipes, metal heating equipment, tubing, any area which comes in contact with water can be improved with the HQUA 5000E.

The easy installation makes this convenient and suitable for a wide range of people. Install this piece of equipment yourself, using no fancy tools or elaborate techniques. Attach the coil to any kind of pipe, so long as it’s no bigger than 1.5”.

The control box measures 6” x 3.5” x 1.5” and is easy to mount on the wall, or other surface, thanks to the 4 included self-adhesive pads.

Requiring just 4W of energy to run, the HQUA 5000E is a cost-efficient way to improve your household’s water quality. Not only this, the construction of this piece of equipment makes it a low-maintenance option for those who don’t want to trouble themselves with upkeep.

The HQUA 5000E sends an electromagnetic frequency-modulated wave into the water pipe through 2 cable bands. This frequency dissolves the calcium carbonate through the scientific principle of “resonance.”

This fundamental change to the water means calcium won’t stick to any surfaces; it doesn't have that ability anymore; instead, it stays within the water.

Although this doesn’t soften water, it comes with a cheaper price point and offers a number of benefits found in more expensive water softeners.

9. Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

Eddy Electronic



  • One of the cheaper options
  • Easy to install
  • Includes money-back guarantee and warranty
  • Can’t be used on iron or lead pipes
  • Is a water softener alternative

The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler is a water softener alternative with a 12 month 100% money-back guarantee. This company wants to deliver the best; this is clear from the additional service policies and guarantees. Not only do you have a year to try out this water softener—or your money back—it comes with a lifetime replace or repair warranty.

This piece of equipment is capable of descaling your entire water system. Simply by introducing a complex electromagnetic wave into the water, limescale's adhesion properties are changed so it can’t stick to surfaces like it usually would.

Two coils are wound around your incoming water supply pipe, suitably-sized for pipes up to 1.5 inches in diameter. If you require larger coils for a larger pipe, you can purchase additional Eddy coil sets. These coils can be used with any kind of water pipe, except with iron or lead.

This descaler doesn’t influence the chemical hardness of the water. Yet, the electro-magnetic action will help loosen mineral deposits in your pipes, improving the overall condition and efficiency of your plumbing.

Installation is easy with this descaler; you don’t need to disrupt your entire water system or invest in expensive pieces of equipment. This is an environmentally friendly option which will benefit all the water which enters your household.

If you’ve had trouble with stubborn limescale deposits, then the Eddy Descaler is a cost-efficient way of managing the issue. Simply place the control box on the wall and plug it into a regular 110-volt outlet.

10. Aquasana Well Water Filter

500,000 Gallon Well Water Rhino



  • Provides whole-house protection
  • Can be upgraded to operate with other features
  • Long-lasting design
  • One of the more expensive options
  • Requires filter replacements

The Aquasana Whole House Well Water Filter System removes 99.9% of harmful bacteria and contaminants from your well water. It also removes 97% of chlorine.

Remove common contaminants such as herbicides, pesticides, sediment, rust, water-soluble heavy metals, silt, and industrial solvent. This 500,000-gallon premium rhino whole house filter is built to last an average of 5 years.

This is a TOP-QUALITY water filtration system, which, similar to Aquasana’s other models, utilizes an efficient dual-tank upflow design. This construction allows for superior contaminant absorption, keeping the water in contact with the inbuilt contaminant-stripping material. The carbon media is specific for use with well water and provides optimal purification.

Using SCM technology—Scale Control Media—this silver system conditions your water without salt. This technology changes the structure of hard minerals, so they cannot adhere to surfaces; this reduces scale and buildup.

Enjoy the cost-efficient nature of this filter system, using less than $0.01 per gallon. This is twice as much as other brands. This system requires some low-grade maintenance; simply replace the filter every 1-3 months.

When you buy the Whole House Well Water Filter System, you’ll get your 500,000-gallon filtration dual-tank, a 20” pre-filter, post-filter, salt-free water conditioner, UV (with bulb), bend supports, a shut-off valve, and brass fittings.

This water filter is an efficient system for those who want to invest in a long-term option. Despite the initial investment, once this system is up and running, it operates without requiring much upkeep and doesn’t need money to continue to run.

11. Hardless NG3 Whole House Water Conditioner Compact

Hardless NG3



  • Adheres to strict safety standards
  • Features a number of filtering defenses
  • One of the cheaper options
  • Cartridge and filter must be routinely replaced 
  • Is considered a softener alternative

The Hardless NG3 offers a salt-free softener alternative for the everyday average household. This is the last of the whole house salt-free water softener reviews in our list, yet it packs a lot into a small space.

The 5-stage thorough filtering and conditioning system ensures unwanted contaminants are removed from the water entering your house. Taste the difference with the Hardless NG3, and improve the longevity of your water-run household appliances.

This system is composed of the til rod, cartridge, mesh filter, post filter, magnetic band, and the optional jet or valve. By passing through each of these filtering defenses, the Hardless NG3 is capable of producing superior-tasting water.

The cartridge used in stage 2 features slow phosphate crystals, altering the mineral structure and preventing mineral buildup within the pipes. From here, the subsequent stages further purify the water through the use of a 25-micron stainless steel filter and a 2-micron filter. This is topped by the water passing through a magnetic band.

This softener alternative strictly adheres to IAPMO and NSF safety standards, making this a safe and effective machine.

To get the best from this piece, it’s recommended you clean the water filter once a month. This can be easily achieved by unscrewing the in-line water conditioner valve and rinsing out any dirt or residue. Then, you’ll need to change the cartridge and filter every 6 months.

This conditioning system leaves beneficial minerals in the water. It does not affect TDS—total dissolved solids—readings, and so a TDS/ppm test will not accurately reflect the water quality.

The Hardless NG3 is one of the cheaper water softener options in this list. It offers a compact, easy to install, space-saving solution for those who want better household water.

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Final Verdict


SoftPro Elite

We all know how vital water is to our health, but we can fail to consider how water quality matters. It doesn’t matter if we drink the right water amount if that very water is full of health-compromising contaminants. Salt-Free Water Softeners offer a solution to this problem. Once you install a water softener onto your household water supply, you can now access superior quality water.

The SoftPro Elite Salt Free Water Softener is the ultimate water purification system. It includes all the features you would need in a convenient, efficient, and health-promoting water softener. You’re protected by a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee, a lifetime warranty—always a good, confidence-boosting sign—and guaranteed live customer support if you have any questions.

This water softener utilizes advanced salt-free technology to produce superior tasting water while maintaining beneficial minerals. When you get SoftPro Elite, it’s the only water softener you’ll ever need.

Peter Lombardi

About the Author

Peter is a Los Angeles based water quality specialist, and works as a surveyor for businesses and communities looking to be informed and active about the quality of their water. He shares his expertise with 64 oz. to ensure everything is accurate, and to prevent the spread of misinformation about water contaminants.

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