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9 Best Refrigerator Water Filters of 2022 – Buying Guide

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Clean and refreshing drinking water is a must when it comes to household comforts and necessities. If you're wondering, "Do refrigerators have filters?" you are not alone. Many people think of water filters as an outdoor necessity, but refrigerator filters provide fresh-tasting water right in your own kitchen.

When shopping online for the best refrigerator water filter, it is essential to consider trusted household names along with verifiable customer reviews.

The AQUACREST DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter is a favorite among consumers due to its value for money and user-friendly installation. The AQUACREST filter is affordable and provides a 30-day money-back guarantee should you be unsatisfied with the results.

Top Choices on the Market




  • Filter Life: 6 Months
  • 350 Gallon Capacity
  • Concentrated Carbon Technology
EcoPure EPINL30
EcoPure EPINL30
  • Filter Life: 5 Years
  • 1500 Gallon Capacity
  • Universal Fit
Waterdrop Advanced Series
Waterdrop Advanced Series
  • Filter Life: 6 Months
  • 300 Gallon Capacity
  • Activated Coconut Carbon Filter Media
Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics
  • Filter Life: 6 Months
  • 300 Gallon Capacity
  • Filter Light Indicator
  • Filter Life: 6 Months
  • 500 Gallon Capacity
  • Tested and Certified by NSF
EveryDrop 1 by Whirlpool
EveryDrop 1 by Whirlpool
  • Filter Life: 6 Months
  • 200 Gallon Capacity
  • BPA-Free
  • Filter Life: 6 Months
  • 300 Gallon Capacity
  • Premium Coconut Shell Carbon Filter
General Electric
General Electric
  • Filter Life: 6 Months
  • 300 Gallon Capacity
  • 30-Day Limited Filter Warranty
Culligan Icemaker
Culligan Icemaker
  • Filter Life: 1 Year
  • 3000 Gallon Capacity
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

How to Pick the Perfect One for Your Needs

You may be wondering, "What is the best refrigerator water filter brand?" Often, when you are shopping for a refrigerator water filter, it is less about the brand and more about which water filter suits you and the needs of your family.

Whether shopping online or in stores, finding the perfect refrigerator water filter can feel a bit overwhelming sometimes. Each refrigerator that uses a water filtration system has a corresponding filter explicitly designed for that unit.

After you figure out which model of water filter your refrigerator requires, you can then consider other features and aspects to look for in a water filter.

Going over refrigerator water filter reviews can help you to get an idea of other people's experience with the water filter you are interested in purchasing. Most of the best refrigerator filters block out lead and heavy metals; however, you can find this specific information directly on the manufacturer's website.

If you are looking for refrigerator water filters that remove fluoride, they are not impossible to find, but you may have to look a little harder.

You may be able to find quality budget filters at a more affordable price than some of the name brands. If you have a larger family, or if you use your refrigerators water filtration system frequently, shopping for budget filters may be the most financially sound option, as you may have to replace your filters more often than an individual or a smaller family.

The best fridge water filter should offer a minimum of 6 months or 300 gallons of drinking water filtration before replacement.

Our list of the best refrigerator water filters is a great place to start to get an idea of what types of refrigerator water filters are available, their various costs, how long they last, and what types of filtration they offer.


While some of the benefits of using a water filter are obvious, such as better taste, there are other advantages such as saving money and helping the environment.

1. Cost-efficient

Refrigerator water filtration systems are cost-efficient because they reduce the amount of money spent on bottled water. If you invest in a well-made refrigerator water filter, they allow your fridge to produce clean ice as well.

As you are already paying for your city's water services, a water filtration system allows you to enjoy the water and ice from your fridge, while making it tasty and refreshing.

2. Eco-friendly

Refrigerator water filter systems are beneficial to the environment by reducing the number of plastic water bottles being purchased and then discarded. Sources say that using a refrigerator water filtration system is the equivalent to 3,000 plastic water bottles per year and saves the average person around $600 each year.

3. Quality Certification

Using a refrigerator water filter for drinking water provides a variety of health benefits. When shopping for your water filter, each brand will indicate whether they are certified by the NSF, an independent organization that monitors a product's manufacturing process. They also determine whether the product is in compliance with safety, performance, and sustainability standards throughout the industry.

4. Health Benefits

Water filters are designed to filter out harmful chemicals and substances that may be present in your drinking water. While there are varying levels of filtration, even basic filters should reduce the taste and smell of chlorine and meet the lead-free certification standards as determined by the NSF.

These days, there are filters available that filter out more than just lead and chlorine, including pharmaceutical, pesticides, herbicides, detergents, and other possible contaminants that can make drinking water harmful for consumption.

Why are filters important?

Many refrigerators these days come built with a filter in the fridge and may include a water softener to reduce mineral deposits. Refrigerator water filters are one of the best investments you can make for your family, your home, and your health.

Refrigerator water filters work to prevent potentially harmful chemicals and substances from polluting your drinking water, as well as make the water taste and smell better than tap water.

If you are considering a cheap water filter for your refrigerator, know that cheap refrigerator filters may not always provide the level of quality filtration that a more expensive filter will. It's worth the initial investment.

Refrigerator water filters produce clean ice and fresh-tasting cold water, so you can save money on bottled water and reduce the amount of plastic you and your family use each year. This has a significant beneficial effect on the environment, as well as your wallet.

When & How to Change filters

Each water filtration system should come with a specific set of instructions, as well as indicate how long the filter is expected to last. Your refrigerator should have an owner's manual that clearly explains the process and how to troubleshoot any problems.

1. How often?

When considering how often to change your refrigerator water filter, you should check with the manufacturer's guidelines prior to purchasing and afterward. The most common timeline for the life of a refrigerator water filter is 6 months or 300 gallons.

2. How to replace my filter?  

If you are unsure of how to change your refrigerator water filter, or how to replace your refrigerator water filter, you need to consult the directions provided by the filter manufacturer, as well as the refrigerator manufacturer.

3. How do refrigerator water filters work?

Refrigerator water filters work by forcing water through an active material such as carbon to block or trap contaminants and other particles from traveling into your drinking water.

Best Refrigerator Water Filter Reviews

1. AQUACREST MWF Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with GE SmartWater MWFP, MWFA, GWF, HDX FMG-1, WFC1201, GSE25GSHECSS, PC75009

AQUACREST MWF Compatible with GE SmartWater MWFP, MWFA, GWF, HDX FMG-1, WFC1201, GSE25GSHECSS, PC75009


  • Concentrated Carbon Technology
  • Lead-Free Metal Certified
  • Reduces Chlorine, Lead, and Benzene up to 97%
  • Improved taste and odor
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Compatible to a lot models

Filter Life: 6 months

Capacity: 350 Gallons

Three NSF International Certifications

Independently tested and inspected by the NSF international, this filter features three separate NSF certifications for reducing health-related contaminants such as lead, reducing aesthetic contaminants such as chlorine, and for meeting lead-free compliance standards. NSF-certified products indicate alignment with the highest standards of health.

6 Months of Clean Water

The AQUACREST premium water filter provides six months or 300 gallons of clean water free from contaminants. When you buy the 3-pack, you are covered for around 18 months. The filter may last for a shorter period if you consume more water than the average person.   

User-Friendly Installation

The most common feature praised by the Aquacrest refrigerator water filter reviews is the simple and easy installation. This filter is comparable to one manufactured by big brand electronics companies, and users claim that it is just as easy, if not easier, to install. Water leaks and noises are minimal with this excellent-fitting water filter replacement.


  • Great value - comparable to GE filter brand at a fraction of the cost
  • Reliable support and unconditional 30-day moneyback guarantee
  • Superior contaminant reduction
  • Improved water flow
  • User satisfaction in both water and ice taste


  • May not remove all heavy metals

2. EcoPure EPINL30 5 Year in-Line Refrigerator Filter-Universal Includes Both 1/4" Compression and Push to Connect Fittings

EcoPure EPINL30 5 Year in-Line -Universal Includes Both 1/4" Compression and Push to Connect Fittings


  • BPA-Free
  • Easy to Install
  • Universal Fit which means it fits most brands
  • Eliminates sediment and chlorine taste and odor

Filter Life: 5 Years

Capacity: 1500 Gallons

Universal Fit

The EcoPure EPINL30 refrigerator water filter is designed to be discreetly installed underneath floorboards, in walls, or anywhere in your kitchen that is convenient and out of sight. This water filter fits a wide range of major refrigerator brands and ice makers to ensure easily accessible and clean drinking water in your home, boat, or RV.


The EcoPure EPINL30 lasts up to five times longer than most refrigerator filters - up to 5 years. Many verified reviewers highlight this as one of the best features of this refrigerator water filter. The length of life of this water filter may vary depending on the frequency of use and PSI as determined by your city's water management.

Trustworthy Brand Name

EcoPure has been in the business of providing consumers with clean and safe drinking water since 1925. After nearly a century of dependable innovation, EcoPure is a name to be trusted when it comes to commercial and residential water filtration systems and water softeners.


  • All parts are engineered and assembled in the USA
  • Widely compatible with brands including Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, and more
  • Comes with ¼" compression and push-to-connect sealant fittings


  • Can produce leaks with push-to-connect sealant feature

3. Samsung DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement by Waterdrop, Compatible with Samsung DA29-00020B, DA29-00020B-1, Haf-Cin/Exp, 46-9101, RF4267HARS

 Samsung DA29-00020B Compatible with Samsung DA29-00020B, DA29-00020B-1, Haf-Cin/Exp, 46-9101, RF4267HARS


  • Eliminates 97% of Contaminants like Chlorine, Lead, Cyst, and benzene
  • Leak-Free Fit
  • Activated Coconut Carbon Filter Media
  • Twist and Lock Design

Filter Life: 6 months

Capacity: 300 Gallons

For a Good Cause

The Waterdrop company puts its clean water experience to good use. With each Waterdrop purchase made, the company provides one day of clean drinking water for disadvantaged children in Africa. The Water4Smile and WaterProject efforts are founded upon the belief that clean drinking water is a basic human right that all should have access to because water is life!

Tested and Certified

The Waterdrop Advanced series refrigerator water filter is third-party tested and certified and awarded the NSF certification 53 for reducing contaminants known to cause health effects. The contaminants reduced by the Waterdrop filter include benzene, lead, mercury, and more.  The NSF also recognizes that the Waterdrop reduces chlorine to improve taste and odor and adheres lead-free compliance standards.

Dedicated Customer Support

Waterdrop refrigerator water filter reviews praise the Waterdrop company for being dedicated to providing its customers with the service and support they deserve. Each filter has a 30-day moneyback guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase. In addition, they provide 24-hour customer support should you have any questions or concerns in regards to your Waterdrop Plus refrigerator water filter.


  • Compatible with Samsung refrigerators
  • Eco-friendly activated coconut carbon filter
  • Clean water for 6 months or 300 gallons


  • Sometimes causes leaks due to sealant issues

4. Samsung Electronics HAFCIN DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter, 3 Pack, White

Samsung Electronics HAFCIN DA29-00020B


  • Easy to install
  • BPA-free
  • Filter Light Indicator
  • Gets Rid of Chlorine for better tasting and odor free water
  • guaranteed to reduce waterborne contaminants

Filter Life: 6 months

Capacity: 300 Gallons

Samsung Genuine Parts

By purchasing a Samsung refrigerator water filter, you are investing in authentic parts and guaranteed performance. Off brands sometimes attempt to imitate Samsung's quality for a lower price, resulting in poor filtration and low-quality water. Only Samsung genuine filters are guaranteed to deliver precise water filtration and superior tasting water.

Reduced Contaminants

Samsung genuine refrigerator water filters use a high-quality carbon filter that removes 99% or more of varying health contaminants such as lead and industrial toxins. The Samsung DA29-00020B refrigerator water filter removes both the taste and odor caused by chlorine and reduces the risk of heavy metal toxicity, a hazard to your health. Microbial cysts are resistant to chlorine and more likely to be eradicated with the use of trustworthy refrigerator water filters.

Easy to Replace

In user-reviewed ratings, the most common benefit of these water filters is their ease of installation. When performing a Samsung refrigerator water filter reset, read the specific directions provided in your owner's manual on how to change the water filter in your Samsung refrigerator and how to reset your Samsung refrigerator water filter.


  • Filter light indicator turns red when ready for a replacement
  • Great-tasting fresh filtered water
  • Save on bottled water and reduce plastic waste


  • Low water flow

5. LG LT500P - 6 Month / 500 Gallon Capacity Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter (NSF42 ADQ72910911)

LG LT500P - 6 Month / 500 Gallon Capacity Replacement


  • Eliminates chlorine odor, sediments, dirt, and rust
  • Easy to replace, easy to install
  • Retains all the minerals beneficial to health
  • Tested and Certified by NSF

Filter Life: 6 months

Capacity: 500 Gallons

Genuine LG Parts

Only the LG LT500P refrigerator water filter offers the quality and reliability you can expect from genuine LG parts. This water filter works with LG and Kenmore refrigerators. LG uses quality craftsmanship and revolutionary technology to ensure quality and the longevity of their water filters.

Ease of Installation

User reviews praise the LG refrigerator water filter for its simple and straightforward installation. Simply remove the old filter and click the new one into place before removing any trapped air. If you are unsure of how to replace your LG refrigerator water filter, consult your refrigerator's owner's manual.

Certified Clean Water

This LG refrigerator water filter is designed with state-of-the-art technology to deliver clean and refreshing drinking water right to your refrigerator. When purchasing a water filter, it is important to research whether or not it has been certified to remove or reduce contaminants. The NSF has certified LG filters for reducing harmful contaminants such as lead, and for minimizing the unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine, without removing beneficial minerals such as fluoride.


  • 6 month / 500-gallon capacity
  • A trusted brand name for over 90 years
  • Does not remove minerals which may be beneficial to health


  • More expensive than generic brands

6. EveryDrop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter 1, EDR1RXD1

EveryDrop by Whirlpool  1, EDR1RXD1


  • NSF Tested and Certified
  • Removes 99% of lead which offers your family great health
  • Reduces all waterborne contaminants dangerous to health
  • Hassle-Free Installation

Filter Life: 6 months

Capacity: 200 Gallons

Big-Brand Approved

The EveryDrop 1 by Whirlpool refrigerator water filter is the only aftermarket replacement filter approved by big-brand companies, including Whirlpool, Maytag, and KitchenAid. It is suitable for use in side-by-side units, as well as top or bottom freezers that use a filter 1 system.

Triple Filtration Technology

The EveryDrop 1 refrigerator water filter is designed with revolutionary three-point filtration technology for the cleanest and best-tasting water. The three-point system works using particle filtration to absorb and block large contaminants, micro-filtration to trap medium-sized particles and absorption filtration to eliminate chemicals and heavy metals. This gives you clean, fresh drinking water as well as crystal clear ice.

User-Friendly Installation

If you are unsure of how to change the water filter in your Whirlpool refrigerator, or how to replace your Whirlpool refrigerator water filter, consult your owner's manual. Users share their experiences as fairly simple when performing a Whirlpool refrigerator filter reset. Just in case, the manufacturer's website provides tips for whirlpool refrigerator water filter troubleshooting should you need them.


  • One EveryDrop filter replaces 1,500 plastic water bottles
  • Is the only aftermarket filter recommended by Whirlpool and KitchenAid
  • Six months or 200 gallons of filtration
  • Safely reduces the taste and odor of chlorine


  • Water flow is sometimes slow

7. AmazonBasics Refrigerator Water Filter



  • Leak-free fit
  • Premium coconut shell carbon filter
  • Enhanced filtration with 0.5 micron pore size
  • Traps and Eliminates all harmful impurities in the water while keeping all the minerals in it

Filter Life: 6 months

Capacity: 300 Gallons

Multiple Filter Sizes

The AmazonBasics replacement Samsung refrigerator water filter comes in 3 different sizes and 2 different filtration capacities. The standard water filter can filter out microorganisms up to 1-micron, while the advanced and premium models have a 0.5-micron filtration capacity. This allows you to choose the level of purification according to the average water quality in your region.

Safe Material

In addition to the numerous NSF certifications for health and safety, the AmazonBasics Samsung replacement water filter components are made out of certified food-grade safe materials free from lead and other harmful substances. This ensures that this water filter is in compliance with the United States Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and standard requirements for plumbing appliances.

Improved Technology

Natural, coconut carbon block filters are designed to reduce and capture heavy metals, microbes, pharmaceuticals, and harmful industrial chemicals. AmazonBasics refrigerator water filter reviews suggest that this new, improved technology allows the filter to provide exceptional quality water that also tastes great.


  • Eco-friendly coconut shell carbon filter
  • Premium replacement filter for Samsung
  • 300 gallons or six months of filtration efficiency
  • Cost-effective alternative to name brands


  •  May not fit as well as a Samsung original filter

8. General Electric MWF Refrigerator Water Filter

General Electric MWF


  • Twist and lock design
  • Easy to Install and Replace
  • Filters 50+ of waterborne contaminants providing your family with quality life
  • 30-Day Limited Filter Warranty
  • Carbon block technology

Filter Life: 6 months

Capacity: 300 Gallons

Genuine GE Appliance

A genuine General Electric refrigerator water filter is guaranteed to meet residential and commercial drinking water standards to provide clean and great-tasting water. Counterfeit water filters may not provide the same quality water due to poor performance and or low-quality parts.

GE's Most Advanced Filtration

Independently tested and certified to filter out 5 trace pharmaceuticals including ibuprofen and progesterone. This GE refrigerator water filter is certified to reduce 14 or more health contaminants, including lead, asbestos, and other volatile organic compounds. In addition, the General Electric genuine refrigerator water filter is designed with superior filtration technology that effectively reduces the flavor and taste of chlorine.

30-Day Limited Warranty

If you are unsure about how to change a GE refrigerator water filter, or unsure if you should replace your GE refrigerator water filter, please refer to your user manual. GE provides a 30-day warranty that covers any water filter that fails due to defective materials or poor craftsmanship. The warranty does not cover consequential damage, so it is essential to understand how to remove the water filter from your GE refrigerator, as well as how to reset the water filter light on your GE refrigerator.


  • GE guaranteed fit
  • Simple twist-and-lock design
  • Smartwater filtration series


  • Can be challenging to install

9. Culligan Icemaker and Refrigerator Filtration System

Culligan Icemaker


  • provides clear, clean, great-tasting water
  • twist-on, twist-off mechanism
  • NSF Certified and Tested
  • protects against harmful particulates that can penetrate water
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

Filter Life: 1 Year

Capacity: 3000 Gallons

Easy Installation

Traditional water filter cartridges replacements often require the use of buckets, towels, and wrenches, and create a bit of a mess. When you purchase the Culligan inline refrigerator water filter, it comes with a mounting bracket and installation hardware for your convenience. The twist-on and twist-off features simplify installation so that you can begin enjoying great tasting water right away.

Trustworthy Brand

Culligan has been offering water filtration solutions around the world for over 80 years. Culligan engineers durable and quality products that can be trusted to achieve compliance with NSF water filtration standards. Culligan refrigerator water filter reviews indicate consumer satisfaction with the brand as well.

Universal Fit

Culligan water filtration systems fit most major brands of refrigerators. When purchasing a Culligan water filter for a GE refrigerator or other name brand, compare the model number with your unit before purchasing. Culligan refrigerator water filter cartridges are well-crafted to provide you and your family with clean drinking water, no matter which brand of refrigerator you prefer.


  • 3,000 gallons or 12 months of filtration
  • Easy change with a twist on and off filter mechanism
  • Reduces chlorine odor and taste
  • Cost-effective


  • Not certified to remove lead and other health contaminants

Final Verdict

AQUACREST Refrigerator Water Filter

When considering all of the available refrigerator water filters for you and your family, it is understandable to want the best. The capacity to filter out potentially harmful chemicals and substances is certainly one of the most important aspects of a quality water filter. At the same time, other attributes such as filtration life, ease of installation, and cost are essential as well.

According to numerous verified customer reviews and comparing several other similar products, the AQUACREST DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter is by far the best bang for your buck.

The AQUACREST DA29-00020B Refrigerator Water Filter is a favorite amongst reviewers and provides 6 months or 300 gallons of clean drinking water. The AQUACREST filter is certified three times by the NSF for lead-free compliance, lead-free drinking water, and the removal of chlorine taste and smell. This filter provides peace of mind that the water you are drinking is safe.

The AQUACREST refrigerator water filter is easy to install and is a cost-effective alternative to other name brands. You are spending less for a great product, and you can save money on bottled water as well. Make the switch today for delicious, refreshing, and clean drinking water that you and your family will love.

If you're looking for a good countertop water filter, try checking our comprehensive buying guide here.

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