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10 Best Pool Vacuums in 2022 – Swim in Crystal Clear Water

by Jennifer Bellini

Marketing expert, Business guru

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A pool vacuum is essential for keeping your pool sparklingly hygienic and ready for the next use. Although some leisure enthusiasts may leave it to the warmer summer months before cleaning their pool, we’re big believers in keeping the walls and floors in good condition all year around. 

Modern pool vacuums are powerful, but they can provide a better swimming environment if they can work throughout the year to remove any build-up of grime or algae. 

Because there are such a wide variety of pool vacuum features, it can be challenging to find the right model for your requirements. Here are our picks for the best pool vacuums for every need and budget.

Top Choices on the Market

10 Best Pool Vacuum Reviews

1. DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme Robotic: Overall

This model uses state-of-the-art, vacuuming technology to provide unrivaled performance. The pool vacuum leaves pool walls and floors spotless and cleans the waterline for a pristine appearance. With a low operating cost of only five cents per hour, it saves money and time.

Dolphin also provides you with one of the most convenient models available, using a plug and play setup straight out of the box. For the best pool vacuum on the market, look no further than the DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner.


  • Set advanced cleaning schedules for auto operation
  • Control via the free MyDolphin Plus app
  • Quick clean setting when you’re in a hurry



  • Wi-fi connected for control from your Smart device
  • Multiple pool cleaning cycle times 
  • High-speed scrubbing brushes for improved cleaning
  • Comes with a high-end price tag

This pool vacuum uses a dynamic dual drive system and three scrubbing brushes to clean pools measuring up to 50’ in length. Efficient and thorough, this model accesses those hard-to-reach areas, ensuring no dirt or debris can build-up in any section of your pool.

Because this model works independently from your pool’s system, it can vacuum even if you have a damaged pool pump or low water pressure. If you’re in a hurry, you can choose the QUICK CLEAN FUNCTION to focus on the floor, or a standard setting gives the whole pool a thorough cleansing.

There’s no need to worry if you haven’t vacuumed your pool in a while, as the enhanced cleaning setting devotes extra time to remove those ingrained stains. The twin extra-large cartridges collect the dirt and debris from your pool and prevent any contaminants from spilling back into the water.

If you find yourself waking up in the morning ready for a swim but remembering you need to clean the pool, use the Wi-Fi functionality to control your robot vacuum from your bed.

There’s no need to be close to your robot, as it is permanently connected to the internet, allowing you to adjust the settings from anywhere in the world. If Smartphone connectivity doesn’t offer enough convenience, you can use the advanced weekly scheduling system. Simply program times for the robot to vacuum your pool, and it operates autonomously to perform the required cleaning.

2. NC Model 5211 waterjet Powered Pool Cleaner: For the Money




  • Vacuums pools up to 5’ deep
  • 16” cleaning path for economic vacuuming
  • Floor and wall climbing functionality
  • Robot vacuum only moves in one direction

This NC model uses patented technology to move effortlessly around your pool, driven by a powerful water jet. Because this pool vacuum has a lightweight design, there is little resistance, allowing for efficient cleaning. 

Although this unit is not suitable for cleaning steps or corners, it is ideal for flat bottomed pools. The 40’ cable length allows the pool vacuum to clean pools with a circumference of 24’, and this model is capable of cleaning pools with up to 5’ depth. 

The smart sensors and computer programming allow this pool vacuum to understand its surroundings. The automatic navigation system uses gyroscopic motion control and fuzzy logic design to move around your pool quickly and automatically climb walls upon contact. 

By climbing to the waterline, this unit leaves your pool looking immaculate and ready to welcome friends and family for a fun day of swimming and water-based games. The fine filtration kit ensures this vacuum detects even the smallest of debris particles, and you can access the collection basket from the top of the unit for straightforward emptying. 

The wide 16” cleaning path ensures this pool vacuum cleans the MAXIMUM SURFACE AREA with the least possible energy expenditure. The focus flow technology and side suction also help hoover up dirt even when it is not directly in the pool vacuum robot’s path.

3. Kenwell Professional Automatic: For Stability

Kenwell Professional Automatic



  • Easy to operate pool vacuum controls
  • Active scrubbing brush for cleaning algae
  • Anti-rollover technology
  • Quite a large pool vacuum

This incredible robotic pool cleaner uses a combination of TPE and PVA materials for extra absorption and grip to provide an outstanding cleaning performance. Whether you’re vacuuming leaves and seeds from your pool water or scrubbing away debris and stubborn dirt, this model can meet your requirements.

Some days it can seem like the pool collects debris right after you clean the water. There’s no need to continually get up to clean the pool with this model because you can use the 1-hour, 1.5-hour, and 3-hour settings to vacuum your pool at regular intervals. The indicator lights provide feedback on your machine’s status, allowing you to confirm it is functioning correctly.

This model can climb pool walls, and the anti-rollover technology prevents accidental tip-overs, which could damage the machine and interrupt your cleaning schedule. The tangle-free cable design also ensures there is no need to monitor your pool vacuum. You can allow it to operate independently, confident it is performing to its maximum capacity.

Because this pool vacuum arrives fully-assembled, you can plug it in and begin cleaning your pool right out of the box. You can also add a LED bar to this unit, allowing you to watch its progress while it removes dirt and debris from your pool water in the dark. The two filter baskets collect a substantial amount of dirt before requiring emptying.

4. Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner: Above Ground

Aquabot APRVJR



  • Fast 1-hour maximum cleaning time
  • Cost-effective reusable filter bag
  • Extra-wide non-marring wheels
  • Not suitable for vacuuming in-ground pools

If you’re looking for a powerful above ground electric pool vacuum, this is the model for you. This unit can clean any round, oval, or flat surface above ground pool in one hour, allowing you to enjoy a fun and relaxing day in the water. 

This feature is especially useful when the weather is unexpectedly fine, as you can quickly vacuum your pool and have it ready for your day's activities in a minimal amount of time.

The jet drive propulsion system uses a 24V pump motor to move dynamically through the water, and the E-Z swivel device prevents unnecessary cable tangling. The powerful suction processes 70 gallons of water per minute. The micro-filter ensures this model collects fine debris particles for improved water quality. 

You can use this pool vacuum to remove many types of contaminants such as sand, silt, bacteria, and algae, leaving your pool spotless. When collecting debris, this model stores the dirt in a self-contained unit, saving water and reducing backwashing. Because of the advanced water circulation system and refined filtration design, you can save on your electric usage when cleaning your pool. 

Aquabot submits its pool vacuum for independent third-party ETL verification for compliance with industry standards for your peace of mind.

The Hydro Robotic technology uses fewer parts than many rival models, reducing the need for repairs and expensive replacement components. The 2-hour automatic shut-off timer also saves energy and money after your pool is clean.

5. AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Vacuum: Automatic Pool Vacuum

AIPER Automatic



  • Uses high-quality, durable brushes
  • Large filter basket traps dirt and debris
  • Lightweight for lifting out of the pool
  • This model is not Smart device compatible

Using in-sponge brushes, this pool vacuum tackles even the toughest of stains. Capable of removing leaves and other debris, it can competently clean pools measuring as large as 50’. The TANGLE-FREE CABLE DESIGN enables you to set the pool vacuum in motion and leave it to work while you get on with your day. 

Because this pool vacuum climbs pool walls automatically, and Aiper integrates anti-rollover technology in this model, you can return to a spotless pool. There is no need to manually start this robot vacuum when it is time to clean the pool. By setting the 1-hour, 2-hour, or 3-hour, automatic start settings, you can program your pool vacuum to begin cleaning even when you’re away from your home. 

The control box is intuitive, allowing you to quickly choose your desired settings, while the 4 PVA brushes hoover up large and small debris. The powerful suction ensures this model clears your pool of unwanted dirt and grime with minimal fuss, and the lightweight design makes it easy to place your unit in your pool. 

The plug and play design allows you to begin using this pool vacuum as soon as your package arrives, and the filter basket locks in the collected dirt to leave your pool in pristine condition. Cleaning the filter is also a hassle-free experience to help keep your pool vacuum in working order.

6. Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner: Inground

Dolphin Escape



  • Oversized filter cartridge for collecting all debris sizes
  • Uses smart navigation software
  • Comes with a 2-year extended warranty
  • Does not have a weekly Smart timer

While this model is earmarked for above ground pools, it can actually be used for either kind of pool. In fact, many inground pool owners prefer this model over other inground pool cleaners. 

This Dolphin pool vacuum is a superb choice for cleaning inground pools. Whereas you may find a rechargeable pool vacuum is not ready for use, this electric model uses 2 24V DC motors to move efficiently around the entire surface area of your pool. The smart navigation and scanning software allow this model to sense walls, ladders, and drains, allowing it to move smoothly around obstacles. 

While some rival pool vacuums can use up to 1800W of power, this model uses a mere 180W for excellent energy efficiency. Incredibly, this performance equates to a cost of just five cents per hour.

With a compact design and weighing only 14 pounds, you can easily place this model where the grime and debris are most visible. While vacuuming is superb for removing leaves, dust particles, and other debris from pool water, algae can provide a stiffer challenge. 

This model uses an active scrubbing brush to remove more ingrained stains and algae build-up to leave your pool in a more hygienic condition. The enormous top-load filter cartridge eliminates the need for messy filter bags, making emptying the collected contaminants a breeze. This filter cartridge handles debris of all sizes, ensuring dirt does not escape back into the water following collection.

Suitable for use with gunite, plaster, vinyl, and fiberglass pools, this model is versatile and effective.

7. Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

Intex auto



  • Does not require manual operation
  • Comes with hose included in the package 
  • Easy to find replacement parts for continued use
  • Not suitable for use with in-ground pools

This model connects to a pool pump to provide robust performance and smoothly rolls over a flat bottomed pool on 4 small plastic wheels. There is no need to push your pool vacuum as it operates, as the auto-reverse function enables this model to cover the entire floor surface area without manual intervention.

Capable of cleaning a round pool of approximately 24’ and a rectangular pool of roughly 18’, this model can also work with a sand filter pump with an appropriate flow rate. 

The small brush underneath the cleaner base sweeps the pool floor surface, and the water pressure jet directs dirt and grime into the debris net. It is easy to remove the storage net and clean it using a garden hose, enabling you to keep the machine working at maximum capacity. 

The skimmer net traps floating debris such as leaves that may remain on the water’s surface, helping to remove contaminants before they can stick to the pool floors or walls. Regular cleaning can help prevent stains from becoming ingrained on your pool materials, making it easier to keep your pool in good condition.

There are not many available pool vacuums for cleaning Intex pools, and this model provides an effective method of removing dirt and debris without the need for manual cleaning. It’s a great option if you have this type of pool

8. Metalix Aquabot Elite Pro Robotic Pool Vacuum: For Convenience

Metalix Aquabot Elite Pro



  • Anti-tangle swivel technology for hassle-free vacuuming
  • Convenient programmable weekly timer 
  • Brushes can reach hard to clean pool areas
  • Some users report the filters are challenging to clean

This pool vacuum robot makes it easy to clean your pool without unnecessary mess. The top-loading filtration cartridges collect debris without the need for bags, and the anti-tangle swivel technology prevents the cable from twisting when the robot is operating. You can also clean the filters in less than 2 minutes, enabling them to perform at their highest level.

One of the most convenient features of this pool vacuum is the Smart device app that allows you to control your robot effortlessly. If you’re out of town but fancy a dip in the pool when you return, there’s no problem. Connect to your robot from any location and set it in motion so you can arrive home to a pristine swimming pool.

If you prefer to let your pool vacuum run without manual intervention, you can use the PROGRAMMABLE WEEKLY TIMER to operate the unit on auto-pilot. You can choose your preferred schedule, and the smart system takes care of the rest. 

This feature is ideal if you know when your pool gathers the most debris, such as if the weather becomes windy most afternoons. Rather than setting your robot to operate in the mornings when the weather is fine, you can save energy by only having it run a cleaning cycle when your pool is most in need of vacuuming.

9. Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 Pressure Side Pool Vacuum

Polaris Vac-Sweep 280



  • Powerful debris intake for enhanced results
  • In-line backup valves for continuous cleaning
  • Versatile and works in all in-ground pool types
  • Requires a booster pump (sold separately)

This pool vacuum uses a 3-wheeled design to move quickly and efficiently around your inground pool. Designed specifically for cleaning pool walls, this model vacuums, sweeps, and scrubs surfaces to remove the maximum amount of dirt and grime. Pool walls can be challenging to clean manually, but this pool vacuum takes the hassle out of removing built-up debris, which is unhygienic and unsightly. 

The robust debris intake has a large opening, allowing it to capture leaves and even acorns and pebbles for cleaner pool water. The dual venturi jet vacuum system maximizes the performance level for impressive results. The filter bag has a substantial capacity, collecting debris and holding it firmly in place to reduce the chances of dirt reentering the pool water. 

Because this model uses a pressure cleaning system, it moves water throughout your pool area. This feature helps to reduce cold spots and keeps warm water circulating throughout the pool. Not only does this pool vacuum leave your pool spotless, but it also makes it inviting for a pleasant swim in crystal clear waters.

This model comes with 31’ of hose length included, so you can clean larger pool areas without needing to move the connection. Simply attach your pool vacuum to a 1.5” dedicated pressure cleaner line, and it quickly gets to work on your pool walls.

10. Pool Blaster Water Tech Aqua Broom: Manual

Pool Blaster



  • Suitable for intense particulate cleaning
  • Up to 3-hour run time
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Not an automatic pool vacuum

This battery-operated pool vacuum provides powerful performance without the need for an electrical supply. Operating on 5 D-cell batteries, the pool blaster vacuum can clear your pool of sand or silt that could escape the attention of lesser quality models. With a run time of up to 3 hours, you have plenty of power to ensure your pool is ready for an afternoon of water-based fun.

You do not need to use forced-air or pumping to operate this model, and there is no requirement for a water hook-up. Because this vacuum only weighs two pounds, it is easy to maneuver around the pool’s entire surface area, reaching places where debris may gather. 

It can be challenging to clean areas under a pool ladder, but you can position this model along the sides of any obstacles to thoroughly clean the area. You can even push this pool vacuum in between ladder rungs, enabling you to make your pool as clean as possible.

The Aqua Broom uses a patented Retention Valve design, which prevents debris from escaping back into the water. This feature helps to keep your pool hygienic and ensures you can clean the area with the minimum fuss. 

Although this is not an automatic vacuum, many users prefer the ability to target specific areas of the pool. If you believe you know how to vacuum a pool better than a robot, then this is a solid choice.

Final Verdict

DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme

DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme

There is no need to struggle to keep your pool clean. Modern pool vacuums come with numerous incredible features that make it easy to keep your pool floors, walls, and water in excellent condition. Whether you’re investing in a high-end model or looking for a more affordable model, there is a pool vacuum for you. 

Although we found several superb vacuums that make cleaning the pool a breeze, one model stands head and shoulders above its rivals.

The integration of Wi-Fi technology allows you to operate the pool vacuum from the comfort of your deck lounger or even from the office, so the pool is ready for when you arrive home. 

The extra-large dual cartridges collect dirt and debris and prevent it from rolling back into the pool, while the advanced weekly scheduler can run the unit on auto-pilot. 

For the best pool vacuum available, buy the DOLPHIN Nautilus CC Supreme Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner. On a related note, you might want to check our great list of water distillers which we made a very in-depth buying guide.

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