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12 Best Pool Pump of 2022 – Keep Your Pool Looking Beautiful All Summer Long

by Jennifer Bellini

Marketing expert, Business guru

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Owning your own swimming pool is a luxury that many people dream of, especially during the steamy summer months when all you want to do is cool down after a long day. Fulfilling your dream of having your own pool can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t keep on top of maintenance. 

Your beautiful pool can quickly turn into an algae-ridden pond if you’re not careful. Having an effective pump system is essential for keeping your pool clean and enjoyable. Here’s our list of the best pool pumps available.

Top Choices on the Market

12 Best Pool Pump Reviews

1. Intex 28646GS Krystal Clear Sand Filter: Overall

Our top pick is the Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump which uses sand as a filtering agent and is perfect for sustained use in larger pools. Although some other products have higher reviews, we loved that this sand pump requires significantly less maintenance than cheaper cartridge filters, giving you more time to relax poolside.

The 24-hour automatic timer saves you the hassle of manually stopping and starting. It features six valve settings: rinse, filter, backwash, recirculate, waste/drain, and closed. If you want uncompromised performance with minimal maintenance, choose the Intex 28646GS Krystal Clear Sand Filter.


  • Only change sand filter every 5 years
  • 24-hour timers give you flexibility
  • Less maintenance lets you relax poolside 



  • Sand filtration provides beautiful water
  • 24-hour timer for precise scheduling adjustments
  • Easy overall maintenance 
  • Only has 1 pump speed

The Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter is designed as an above-ground pool pump for Intex pools, but will also work with most other above-ground pools. It’s a critical part of your overall pool maintenance system that can make a huge difference in your water quality.

The best thing about this pump is that it uses sand as a filtration medium, which requires less maintenance than cheaper cartilage based pumps. While it only has one pump speed, the 6-function control valve allows you to filter, backwash, rinse, recirculate, drain and close the system. 

This Intex model is sure to meet all your needs in keeping your swimming pool in immaculate condition and ready to use at a moment's notice. This, coupled with the timer, gives you peace of mind and a largely worry-free pool maintenance routine. You’ll only need to change the sand once every five years, so you can enjoy your pool without constantly running through a mental checklist of maintenance tasks.

The fact that it only comes with one flow speed, 40 GPM, means it is perhaps not the most energy-efficient pump in the short term. However, you will likely make your money back compared to a cartridge-based pump that will require regular changing and more attention from you in the long term.

2: Intex 28633EG Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump: For the Money

Intex 28633EG Krystal Clear Cartridge



  • Budget model doesn’t sacrifice efficiency
  • Easy to install
  • Includes preset time-cycles 
  • Can be more expensive to run longer-term
  • Designed for operation with Intex pools

While not as effective as some of the other pricier models on this list, you certainly can’t go wrong with this filter pump. This is a must-have budget pump for Intex pools measuring up to 24’ in diameter. After a small amount of out-of-the-box assembly, installation is as easy as plugging in the hose and connecting it to the power.

The filter cartridges on this Intex pool pump must be changed roughly every two weeks. Since the filter system itself is so intuitive, this maintenance is minor and well worth the effort. 

The auto timer presets allows you to choose from 2-12 hour cycles, so you can leave it running without worry. The downside of this is that you’re going to spend more on electricity bills in the long term than you would with a variable speed pool pump. However, if the high initial cost of some other models listed here is of concern to you, this may not be a problem. 

With an impressive pump flow rate of 2,500 gallons per hour and a system flow rate of 1,900 gallons per hour, this pump will keep your pool looking fresh and appealing throughout the hot summer months. Regardless of the price, this pump will work just as well as most of its costlier counterparts.

3. Hayward 1½ HP Super Pump In-Ground: For Inground Pools

 Hayward 1½ HP Super



  • Perfect for pools with lots of leaves
  • Maintenance is easier than most competitors
  • Consistently long lifespan
  • Somewhat expensive for a single speed pump

Hayward is a well known and greatly respected brand in the swimming pool industry. This pool pump motor is heavy-duty, extremely high performance, and comes with airflow ventilation to keep the noise of the running motor to a minimum and prevent overheating.

Although Hayward also makes several one and two HP pumps, this one is recommended for its balance of power and manageable price point. Most pools don’t need a two HP, and one HP is insufficient for properly circulating water in larger pools. Since this one isn’t much more expensive than the one HP pump, it’s the perfect overall option.

The strainer cover is see-through, so you can see for yourself if it needs to be cleaned. The swing-away handles make the strainer cover easy to take off without the need of any extra tools, making maintenance faster and less time-consuming. Even the deeper internal components are protected by a durable cover with just four bolts holding it in place.

This pump also manages to give off high flow rates while still being quite energy efficient. This is a highly durable, powerful, and efficient model with user reviews that rave about its dependability. Even if you’ve previously tried other brands with your in-ground pool, try this one for an investment that will last.

4. Pentair 340039 Stainless Steel SuperFlo Single-Speed Pool Pump: For Inground Pools at Mid-price Range

Pentair 340039 Stainless Steel



  • Flow design reduces noise
  • Powerful 1½ horsepower flange motor
  • Extra-large see-through basket for easy maintenance 
  • No manual speed regulation
  • Professional installation is best 

This is a high quality, middle price range in-ground pump from an established brand specializing in pool and spa products. You can rest easy knowing that once you have this pump you won’t need to change it for a long time. Its low-maintenance design means you can spend more time enjoying your pool instead of cleaning it.

The new flow design reduces noise while it is running even though it runs on a motor that’s more powerful than average. Thanks to creative engineering, it pumps water more efficiently while keeping running costs down. This means you can spend more money on pool accessories and inflatables for your family to enjoy.

Unlike some of its cheaper in-ground pool pump counterparts, this model is self-priming, meaning that setting it up requires less hard work. However, the manufacturer still recommends professional installation unless you’re very confident in what you’re doing. Still, this extra step is minor when you consider the overall value of this pump.

The pump comes with a 1-year warranty, and since it’s backed by Pentair, you know you’ll get the support you need if there’s a problem. Although it does not have a full range of customization options, considering its durability, it’s a fantastic moderately priced pump.

5. Hayward SP15932S PowerFlo Matrix 1.5 HP Dual-Speed Above-Ground Swimming Pool Pump With Dual Speeds for Above Ground Pools

Hayward SP15932S PowerFlo Matrix 1.5 HP



  • Industrial sized strainer basket for minimal maintenance
  • Features energy-efficient components
  • Built for durability
  • Poor packaging has reportedly caused some damage
  • Not for use with in-ground pools

In our opinion, the best value dual-speed above ground pool pump, which is also suitable for ground pools, is the Hayward SP15932S PowerFlo Matrix Swimming Pool Pump. As it is not a self-priming model, it cannot pump water vertically, but as long as you keep the pump underwater, it will still function properly, allowing your pool to retain its sparkle all summer long and beyond.

As this model comes with more than one pump speed, you will keep your electricity and energy bills low while knowing you’re not sacrificing on functionality. You are sure to save money over time by purchasing this model instead of one of the other cheaper single speed pumps.

This Hayward model features an industrial-sized strainer basket, requiring less frequent checking and maintenance. This also helps to collect larger amounts of debris that accumulate over time and reduces the risk of an already full-up basket leaking debris back into the pool, doubling your work. 

There are plenty of features that make this pump great. The thermal overload protector ensures that your heavy-duty motor remains protected from overheating, and the energy-efficient rear-mounted switch adds convenience while saving you money.

6. Harris H1572730 ProForce 1.5 HP Above Ground Pool Pump: For Above Ground

 Harris H1572730 ProForce 1.5 HP



  • Has an extra-large filter basket
  • Features durable thermoplastic motor
  • Effective and quiet when running
  • Great cost-to-performance ratio
  • Not the most powerful pump
  • Has a short power cord 

Harris provides an excellent mid-range above ground pool pump. It delivers superb performance and reliability without the hefty price tags of some of the more well-known names in the sector, meaning you can save your money without having to sacrifice on the things that matter. If you’re after a powerful pump but don’t have the cash to splash, then this is a great option for you as it delivers on all fronts. 

The 1½ horsepower anti-corrosion stainless steel motor shaft is reinforced with a thermoplastic body, meaning your pool pump will likely last much longer. Clever engineering makes this model effective without being noisy. 

The strainer basket is large and spacious and extremely easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze. The downside of this Harris model is that the power cord is frustratingly short, measuring only 3’, so you’ll need a power source close by. If your pool is at the other end of your yard, you might need to get a different model.  

Aside from that, the price and effectiveness of this model gives the user very little to complain about and can rival other more expensive pumps on this list. It will help keep your pool in shape and ready for a relaxing swim all summer long.

7. Pentair 011028 Intelliflo VS Pool Pump: For Premium Price

Pentair 011028 Intelliflo



  • High-quality build
  • Pumps water effectively to keep pools clean
  • Easy installation and access for maintenance
  • Very high price

The extremely high price of this model prevented it from coming in at the top of this list of recommendations since it’s out of many people’s price range. However, it is unquestionably one of the best pool pumps on the market. It’s a worthwhile investment for families who are serious about keeping their pool in top condition for the future.

With eight variable speeds and a built-in timer, you can choose the exact amount of pumping you require in your pool. This extra bit of control not only gives you extra functionality but also delivers on sustainability. According to the manufacturer, it may save you up to 90% on energy costs, which could put hundreds of dollars back into your pocket over the life of the pump.

It is reportedly up to four times quieter than other pumps, as low as 45 decibels, and boasts built-in diagnostics to ensure the long and healthy life of the motor. Thanks to this, you can take naps by the pool without disturbing groans and whirs from the motor.

User reviews generally have no complaints about its overall quality and durability. It has cross-compatibility with many control systems from Pentair and other brands. You really do get what you pay for in this model, and once it’s up and running you are unlikely to have to spend much money on its upkeep.

8. Mighty Mammoth In-Ground Pool Pump: Best Pool Pump for Quiet Operation

Mighty Mammoth In-Ground



  • Designed specifically for in-ground pools 
  • Impressive flow rate for high-performance
  • Can replace pool pumps from all major brands 
  • Will keep your pool water clean and fresh
  • Some people may find unit challenging to install 

If you’re looking for an affordable, premium-grade unit that can replace most other pool pumps from major brands, you’ll love this Mighty Mammoth product. The two HP motor is powerful and effective, circulating and cleaning your pool water quickly. 

Where this pump really comes into its own is in its quiet operation. While the machine vibrates, the operating sound won’t distract you from your mid-afternoon nap or your dinner. You can choose between 2 voltage options, 110V and 220v, so you won’t have to install a new outlet.

You’ll also appreciate the heavy-duty driveshaft and the anti-corrosive casing around the unit’s filter. This durable construction means that you have a durable motor that will last a long time. 

Attach this pump to any in-ground pool for superior results. The high flow rate ensures you get consistent high performance, adding new clean water to the pool, so it stays looking fresh. If you want to save energy and money, this high flow rate may not be your biggest priority.

This pool pump has several handy, ergonomic features. There’s an integrated leaf-trap that’s large, easy to remove, and simple to clean. The installation manual that’s included is easy to understand, making this machine simple to set up and a breeze to maintain.

9. FlowXtreme NE4516 Pro II Above Ground Pool Pump: For Low-Cost Filtration  

FlowXtreme NE4516 Pro II



  • 1 HP motor filters over 5,000 GPH 
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty 
  • Copper construction is durable 
  • Self-priming unit is cost-effective
  • Great value for money 
  • Unit doesn’t always seal properly 
  • Not as effective with in-ground pools 

This FlowXtreme Pro II model is designed specifically for above ground pools, and it’s a cost-effective unit with a robust construction. You’ll appreciate the built-in function that allows you to choose between 2 different motor speeds. For quiet and smooth operation, opt for the 2160 GPH mode, and to initiate an effective and powerful filtration cycle, choose the 5280 GPH motor speed. 

The versatility of this unit makes it a cost-effective option, while the internal copper wiring is resistant to chemical corrosion and biofouling. This durable structure will last you a long time.

Fans of effective motors may prefer a pump with a more forceful maximum horsepower since this unit has a range of between 0.39 and 1 HP. However, this machine is more cost-efficient than many pumps with higher horsepower because it uses less power. The filtration process shouldn’t take more than 0.5 HP for most household pools. 

The benefit of this model is the fact that you can switch to the higher horsepower mode whenever you need to vacuum the pool or connect an accessory to the main unit, but stay in a lower motor speed preset for filtration cycles. This function will save you a lot on energy bills going forward.

10. XtremepowerUS 1.5HP Inground Pool Pump: For High-Quality Strainer Basket

XtremepowerUS 1.5HP



  • Great value for money 
  • Self-priming function for easy handling of solids
  • Polymer construction is heat-resistant and anti-corrosive 
  • Large and effective strainer basket 
  • Impressive flow rate of 88 GPM
  • Unit can be a hassle to install 
  • Sometimes make an irritating noise 

This XtremepowerUS unit has several intuitive features that you’ll love. The self-priming function means that the machine can operate even when it isn’t filled with water., making the pump more cost-efficient. However, you should bear in mind that you’ll need to manually prime the machine a couple of times as part of the installation process; otherwise, your machine may not operate effectively. 

You’ll love this unit’s easy to remove pool strainer basket, with its see-through lid and sizable capacity. This strainer prevents large pieces of debris and clumps of rocky sand from entering the main pump unit and breaking the impeller. 

The XtremepowerUS inground pool pump has a polymer construction. This heavy-duty material is high strength and robust, with corrosion and heat-resistant properties. It’s also a low-cost substance, which is reflected in the affordable price of this pool pump. 

This model has an impressive maximum flow rate of 5280 GPH, so you’ll be able to drain large amounts of water efficiently and effectively. You’ll also appreciate the 1.5”-sized port on the side of the unit, which should fit perfectly with the piping of most standard outdoor pools. 

Lastly, the unit has integrated air ventilation that prevents the motor from overheating or breaking down.

11. Summer Waves 1500 Gallon GFCI SkimmerPlus Filter Pump System: Ergonomic Pool Pump  

Summer Waves 1500 Gallon GFCI SkimmerPlus



  • Attaches to side of above-ground pool 
  • Compact and ergonomic dimensions 
  • Works as both a filter and skimmer pump 
  • Great value for money 
  • Integrated filter cartridge removes dangerous microbes from water
  • Some people might not like attaching pump to side of pool
  • Unit isn’t powerful enough for larger outdoor pools

There’s a lot to love with this Summer Waves unit. The compact dimensions and lightweight construction make this a portable and ergonomic product. You’ll find the unit easy to install and maintain. Friends and family will appreciate the sidewall set up. You attach this pump to the outer wall of your above-ground pool, which means you won’t have to worry about guests accidentally tripping over any heavy-duty model on the ground. 

This pump is multifunctional, acting as both a skimmer unit and a high-performance filter that cleans your pool thoroughly. The skimmer function strains your pool water through a screen that traps large pieces of sediment and debris, while the filter uses the chemical process of chlorination to kill harmful viruses and bacteria. You’ll be able to remove the strainer basket in seconds, and you’ll appreciate the pump’s built-in GFCI safety feature. You'll have to take care also of your steels by removing hard water stains since it will build-up limescales or worst carry bacteria.

The Summer Waves 1500 Gallon SkimmerPlus system can use either 110V or 120V plugs, so you shouldn’t have any problem fixing this unit into a pre-existing electrical circuit. The 1500 gallon capacity is more than enough for most small to medium-sized outdoor pools, but you might have to opt for a larger unit if you’ve got a pool that holds more than 15,000 gallons worth of water.

12. Bestway 58392E Flowclear 2,500 Pool Filter Pump: For Easy Installation

58392E Flowclear 2,500



  • Easy and quick to install 
  • Great value for money 
  • Filter cartridge ensures your pool water is clean
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The filters are inexpensive to replace 
  • Not powerful enough for medium to large-sized pools 
  • Can make a loud noise on occasion

If you’re looking for a pump that’s easy to install and simple to maintain, you’ll love this Bestway model, with its quick setup process and comprehensive instruction manual. All you have to do is attach the suitable end of 1 hose into the filter’s inlet port and connect the suitable end of the other hose to the outlet port. You then attach the loose ends to the valves in your above-ground pool, and you’re good to go. 

This unit is designed for small pools, so if you want a pump that can filter, clean, and circulate water around a pool that holds more than 2000 gallons, you should opt for a different model. 

However, if you’ve got a 300 or 400-gallon swimming pool that requires continuous filtration, you’ll absolutely love the Bestway. The filter cartridges are effective, easy to remove, and relatively cheap to replace. You’ll also find that you can attach a vacuum to this unit and clean up large clumps of sediment and sand off the floor of a small pool. 

This product may have some shortcomings, particularly if you try to use it to clean large above-ground pools. However, you’ll find very little else on the market that provides a powerful and continuous filtration cycle for small pools at such a low price.

Final Verdict

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter

Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter

A high-performance pool pump is crucial for keeping mold, algae, and debris from affecting your pool’s water quality.

Our top choice pool filter pump model goes to the Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump. Using sand as a filtration medium allows a cleaner and more reliable method of filtration without having to worry about changing the filter cartridges every couple of weeks, which is a feature in many of the other models listed.

This will not only save you money but time and energy also, as the sand only has to be changed once every five years. The 24-hour automatic timer saves you from having to manually stop and start every time you want to pump your pool. The six valve settings will cover all your needs to keep your swimming pool looking clean, feeling luxurious, and creating no additional hassle, offering just pure relaxation and refreshing summer bliss.

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