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3 Best Nuvo H2O Water Softener in 2022 – Finally, A Cure for the Buildup

by Jennifer Bellini

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Hard water is a problem in many geographical areas and water supplies. Mineral deposits are left in tubs and sinks, dishes and glasses are left with white rings and a dirty appearance. If you’ve got a problem with hard water, you might also be running into appliance water-flow issues as well. 

There are many water softeners on the market today, but we are fans of NuvoH20 and their quality products. We’ve rated three of our favorite softeners for you. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Is the Nuvo water softener any good,” check out our Nuvo water softener reviews to help you decide on a model that works best for you if you’re looking for a whole-house water softener.

Top Choices on the Market

Best Nuvo H2O Water Softener Reviews

1. Nuvo H20 Manor Softener Plus Taste System: Best  for City Water

The Manor Softener System is the top offering from NuvoH20. Nuvo uses patented technology to make hard minerals more soluble and unable to stick to surfaces. The brand then combines its citrus-based technology with a 10-micron carbon water filter that removes chlorine and inorganic chemicals.

The result is the smoothest and best-tasting tap water you’ll ever have.


  • Hard water becomes a thing of the past
  • No sodium is used
  • No sludge to clean; simply replace the filter
  • Easy filter changes with the included wrench



  • Filters harmful chemicals in the water
  • Removes cloudiness from the water
  • The filter removes any bad taste
  • Hard minerals are removed
  • The price is exceptionally high
  • Replacement filters are expensive

While your life and health are not endangered by hard water, your quality of life is. When you have hard water, mineral deposits build up inside any appliances you have and around drains. The build-up causes you to work more to keep your home clean and keep your appliances running, or worse, cause you to replace them frequently.

Nuvo’s top product filters 95% of chlorine from your water after it has done its job. Chlorine disinfects our drinking water, keeping germs and other nasties away. However, chlorine does not get rid of compounds that find their way into our drinking water. These compounds are known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can end up in our water through air drift, runoff, or spills.

A few examples are bug spray or cleaning products thrown away, which seep into aquifers that collect our drinking water. The 10-micron filter removes 95% of these VOCs, reducing the risk of them accumulating in your body.

Turbidity is a measurement that refers to the clarity of a liquid. Drinking water has very low turbidity, which means that there is very little silt, clay, other organic matter in it. If your tap water is turbid, the Plus Taste System removes any matter that might be clouding it.

The Manor Plus Taste system is the best citric acid water softener Nuvo offers and makes your water soft and transparent. Every water softener installation is somewhat an easy task but it wouldn't hurt to get some help on setting up the system.

2. NuvoH2O Manor Water Softener: Best Nuvo Water Softener for the Money




  • Citrus agent dissolves minerals
  • Reduces hard water stains
  • Reduces mineral deposits in appliances
  • Price is very high
  • Filter replacements are expensive

The next step down the NuvoH2O product line, the Manor water softener doesn’t include the taste filter. By no means does this reduce the system’s softening ability; your water will be soft and smooth. 

The Nuvo salt-free water softener patented technology attracts calcium and magnesium and makes them soluble so that they don’t accumulate in your appliances, sinks, and tubs in the form of hard water stains. When hard water mineral ions are soluble, they follow the water molecules down the drain or evaporate with them. 

When water evaporates, it usually leaves behind mineral ions. If they are attached to water molecules, they become part of the evaporation process and don’t remain on our surfaces.

The Manor system is designed to soften the water of a home that is larger than 1,500 ft2 with a cartridge that lasts for 50,000 gallons. An average person uses about 100 gallons per day. A family of 4 typically uses around 145,000 gallons of water a year, which means the citric acid water softener Nuvo cartridge needs replacement about every 4 months. 

This might seem like a lot but think of all the work that goes into scrubbing hard water stains and the money spent on repairing or replacing appliances. One new water-using appliance per year can waste thousands of dollars; a few hundred per year on a cartridge is an excellent trade-off.

3. NuvoH2O DHPB A Home Water Softener System Reviews: Best Nuvo Water Softener for Small Homes




  • Citrus agent dissolves minerals
  • Reduces hard water stains
  • Reduces mineral deposits in appliances
  • Price is high but lower than other options
  • Replacement cartridges are expensive

The NuvoH20 Home Water Softener System is the least expensive of its home softener products, but the system is by no means a slouch. The home water softener system uses the same citrus-based technology to attract pesky hard-water mineral ions that cause buildup. 

Similarly to the Manor and Manor Taste, the Home system also reduces the pH, or the acidity level, of the water in your home. Hard water mineral ions can raise the pH level of our water to a bitter-tasting level. 

While our water companies work tirelessly to ensure our water is clean and safe, it helps to have an extra safety and cleanliness measure. The Home Softener System is designed to be that additional control to help us keep our houses clean and our water consumable by our kids, pets, and plants.

The Home system is designed for a smaller home with 1-2 residents. If the 2 residents use an average amount of water per day, a NuvoH2O water softener cartridge that is good for 20,000 gallons will need to be changed about four times a year. Again, this seems costly but think of the alternative costs when water-using appliances break down regularly.

You can consider the Home Softener as an extra warranty for your appliances. The less hard water build-up they have, the longer they will last and the less money you will spend replacing them.

Final Verdict

Manor Water Softener Plus Taste

Manor Softener Plus Taste

Dealing with the damage that can be caused by hard water can be costly and time-consuming. Additionally, water with these mineral ions can taste bitter or not be as refreshing as it should. The best water softener should be one that reduces the causes of hard water, makes it safer to drink, and gives it a refreshing taste at the same time.

The Manor is a 2-in-1 filtration system that is easy to mount in your existing supply pipes. The included filter housing wrench makes changing the filter and cartridge a snap, and the included instructions show you how to install Nuvo water softener cartridges. 

The appliance-saving and cleaning-reducing benefits of the system far outweigh the initial costs. If you and your home are experiencing the symptoms of hard water, you could use the help of a softener and filtration system. As the best Nuvo salt-free water softener, we recommend choosing the Nuvo Manor Water Softener Plus Taste as the softener for your home. A great alternative brand would be Aquasana water softeners which is well-known for their quality systems and feedbacks from clients.

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