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Best Morton Water Softener in 2022: Top in the West

by Carl Jensen

Plumber, Welder, Contractor

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You’re likely ingesting more than you’re expecting every time you drink water from the tap. Despite looking clear and unblemished, many water types can have a bevy of metals in them, ranging from calcium to iron.

While they aren’t necessarily going to harm your health, they do cause a variety of issues. For instance, you will typically need more soap to wash your hands with harder water. There may also be more damage to your pipes and plumbing as a result of any untreated metals.

A water softener can help you get around these issues. However, they vary in operation from ion exchange to lime softening mechanisms, meaning you’ll likely need to consider some Morton water softener reviews before you can make a choice.

Here are the Morton water softeners you can consider:

  • Morton System Saver M30: For City Water
  • Morton Ultra 27,000 Grain Water Softener (Model M27): Value for Money
  • Morton Elite 34,000 Grain Water Softener (Model M34):  High Capacity

Top Choices on the Market

Best Morton Water Softener Reviews 

1. Morton System Saver M30: Best Water Softener for City Water

The easy best choice for a house water softener is the Morton System Saver M30. This 80-lb. unit doesn’t entirely fall in the purview of Morton 27,000 grain water softener reviews as it goes one better by boasting a 30,000-grain capacity that can keep your water metal cation-free as soon as you install it. 

In addition to its high capacity, the unit also features high water flow rates that can handle the heaviest water outputs. You don’t need to look at any more Morton salt water softener reviews to know that this is the right choice. Get it now. 


  • High water flow rates
  • Compact single tank design
  • Predicts water usage



  • Uses 50% less salt than other units
  • Electronic lookahead tech saves on water
  • Compact space-saving design
  • Some parts are vulnerable to salt corrosion

No set of Morton system saver water softener reviews is complete without including the best model out there, the Morton System Saver M30. This reliable unit comes in at a reasonable asking price and offers a lot of features to boot.

The most critical aspects of water softening functionality are where it excels. It’s capable of handling an absolute ton of water rushing in at the same time - up to 11 gallons per minute. No matter how much water you need, it’ll be up to the task.

It’s able to do this while being extremely efficient in 2 different areas. First is its salt usage. Owing to a regeneration system that activates sparingly and only when needed, the total amount of salt used is 50% lower than many competing models. 

The other area of efficiency is in its water usage. It features lookahead technology that essentially predicts when you and your family use water. With these figures calculated, the softener can run only when most needed, reducing the amount of water it goes through and helping you save on your water bill.

The design is also minimal and compact, making it a comfortable fit next to your plumbing and water pipes. Installation is a breeze, with a provided DIY kit that walks you through all you need to know while avoiding more expensive installation fees.

The model excels at being a water softener, does great with efficiency and money-saving, and is easy to set-up and install. What more could you ask for?  

2. Morton Ultra 27,000 Grain Water Softener (Model M27): Best Morton Water Softener for the Money

Ultra 27,000 Grain



  • Easy to use interface 
  • Manual controls complement automatic functions
  • Included power interruption protection maintains settings
  • Lower water softening capacity

The interface of this unit is straightforward to use. It’s fully electronic and as simple to interact with as pressing a button. A manual regeneration override is included when you need a lot of water softened and don’t want to rely purely on automatic functionality. It’s a great mix of in-depth user control and simple design.

Its demand regeneration technology backs this up. It automatically removes metals before creating softened water at a rate intended to match demand without exceeding it and wasting your water and hard-earned money.

One thing that came up in Morton water softener reviews, 27000-grain product impressions, was a slight disappointment with this lower capacity model. I felt like these reviewers, and I found myself wishing that it could handle just a bit more. It’ll still work for everyday use, but it might not hold up to super-intensive water usage.

There were other features that I appreciated enough to offset this small issue. I liked that the unit came with power interruption protection that guarantees it will not fail or get damaged in power outage situations. It also saves the settings you’ve inputted and automatically resumes operation in the same state when the power comes back.

You can count on this great Morton water softening model for years of sustained usage and to restore your hair, nails, sparkling dishes, and clean white laundry. 

3. Morton Elite 34,000 Grain Water Softener (Model M34): Best High Capacity Morton Water Softener

Elite 34000 Grain



  • Powerful metal removal functionality
  • Extended warranty policy
  • Easy to replace parts
  • Most expensive unit here

As we looked through Morton water softener 34,000-grain capacity reviews, it quickly became clear that the M34 was the best pick for large families or those who live with many other people. It’s got an exceptionally high nine ppm of iron removal and softens enough water to support a household of 6+ people. If your water usage is on the high end, this model will suit you well.

Of course, this functionality comes at a price, namely in the cost of this model. It’s more expensive than either of the other 2 options on this list, meaning you likely can skip it if you don’t need its high-capacity performance. 

But if you were to skip out on it, you would miss some of its neater features, like a low salt indicator light. This lets you know when the mineral tank needs refilling days ahead of time, allowing you to avoid ever getting to the point where you’re again subject to harsher, harder water. Contaminants like lead in water would likely cause kidney problems that's why these contaminants needs to be removed with quality water softeners.

You might also want to avoid passing on this unit if you live in a city or need to deal with well water, as its power and size make it a perfect fit for those usage scenarios.

Morton is confident in this product. Unlike the other units, this softener comes with a 5-year warranty on parts, alongside a 10-year tank warranty. They built this unit to last.

Final Verdict


Appliances SMART GXSHC40N

According to Morton M30 water softener reviews and our own testing impressions, the Morton System Saver M30 is easily the best softener unit you can find. It strikes the perfect balance between affordability and performance and comes packed with a compelling set of features to boot.

We like it for its high efficiency, with built-in technology systems that reduce salt usage (and consequent refills) by a whopping 50%. This extends even to the amount of water it uses. You won’t have many extra expenses to factor into the cost of running this unit.

We also appreciate how its 30,000-grain capacity is perfectly suited for average-sized households, making it an excellent fit for my residence. It was also super easy to install. 

All we had to do was put it next to the water pipes, follow the included installation guide, and within a half-hour or so, we were enjoying delicious, clean, soft water.

If you’re like us, then you won’t be disappointed with the M30.      

Carl Jensen

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