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Best Instant Hot Water Dispenser of 2022 – Buying Guide (UPDATED)

by Jennifer Bellini

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Instant hot water dispensers are perfect for kitchens, offices, break rooms, and anywhere people need to warm up with hot food or beverages. The best instant hot water dispenser available is the InSinkErator HOT150 Instant Hot Water Dispenser, which is available with a stylish chrome or satin nickel faucet.

The InSinkErator HOT150 has a larger-than-average ⅔ gallon tank with sturdy hardware that can last for many years. It can dispense water up to 210°F but can be dialed down to lower temperatures as needed thanks to its easy temperature settings dial. The faucet is both attractive and durable, making it an excellent asset for any kitchen.

Top Choices on the Market




InSinkErator HOT150
  • Deck Mounted Setup
  • 2-3 Gallon Capacity
  • 1-Year Warranty
InSinkErator H-Wave-C
Ready Hot
  • Under Sink Setup
  • 2/3 Gallon Capacity
  • Dual Lever Hot/Cold Faucet
Anaheim AH-1300
  • Under Counter Setup
  • 5/8 Gallon Capacity
  • 1-Year Replacement Warranty
Big Boss 1700W
  • Deck Mount Setup
  • Hot Water on Demand in Just 9 Seconds
  • LED Light Indicators
Waste King H711-U-CH
  • Under Sink Setup
  • Tank Capacity up to 100cups/hour
  • 1-Year Warranty
Westbrass D271H-12
  • Under Counter Setup
  • 5/8 Gallon Tank Capacity
  • Auto-Off Handle Function

How to Pick the Perfect One for Your Needs

Most instant hot water dispensers use at least 750 watts of power, with some using 1300 or more. Higher wattage means faster water heating, which is useful for frequent users. However, though the amount of overall energy used is still low, higher wattage also means more energy consumption.

Some budget hot water dispensers only store a half-gallon of hot water at one time. While this is enough for infrequent usage, most hot water dispenser brands have a ⅔-gallon tank that provides a steadier supply for large families. Though the difference seems small on paper, it makes a big difference when cooking or making coffee for several guests.

Temperature adjustment isn’t an essential feature for all buyers, but it matters to tea enthusiasts and parents who want an additional safety feature. Some dispensers only provide dots or a color gradient around a dial for users to determine temperature.

For optimal control, look for a dispenser with a digital screen and push buttons or other precise controls. Though these are less common than temperature dials, they are worth buying if you need the controls.

Before buying a hot water dispenser, consider what you’ll use it for and how frequently you’ll use it. If you will only be using it occasionally for tea or coffee, a countertop or low-capacity model works just fine. A larger-capacity model that installs under your sink works better for frequent usage and can save valuable counter space for other appliances.

Instant hot water dispensers can be bought online or at appliance stores. Shopping online can allow you to compare prices and features easily, and you can easily read buyers’ reviews to get a sense of the quality and ease-of-use of the dispenser. While someone with no plumbing experience can install most models, it may be easier to get a professional’s help.

Benefits and Advantages

1. Provides Convenience

Dispensers give convenient access to water for cooking noodles, making coffee, heating baby bottles, and brewing tea. Push-button dispensing is much easier than microwaving or heating in a kettle.

Get instant hot water for cleaning, which improves effectiveness and efficiency. Avoid harsh and expensive cleaning chemicals by using hot water and soap instead.

2. Gives Peace of mind

Safety features include auto shut-off levers on faucets and temperature controls, providing reassurance for busy parents and other safety-minded users.

3. Has a range of temperatures

Temperature controls allow users to select a lower temperature for precise cooking or tea brewing. Make pasta al dente or brew fragile herbal tea by adjusting the temperature as needed. Some models keep water as low as 122 degrees.

4. Works in any kitchen

Tanks can be used with a wide range of hot water faucets available in many colors, materials, and finishes. Dispensers can be installed by DIY enthusiasts in most countertops, thanks to common designs and pipe sizes.

5. Energy-efficient

Dispensers have low electrical usage, similar to one or two lightbulbs depending on wattage. The 1300-watt models use slightly more than 750-watt models, but rarely run at full power.

6. Multiple cups of water

Capacities typically range between ½ and ⅔ gallon, more than enough for making tea or quick meals for small families. Large families will benefit from ⅔ gallon models. Dispensers have quick refill and reheating capabilities, with most tanks producing at least 60 cups of hot water per hour.

7. Has Compact tanks

Most tanks are small enough to allow garbage disposals and other appliances to be still included under sinks. Dispensers can also be connected to filters for even cleaner water.

8. Easy To Replace

Replacement hot water heaters are usually compatible with existing hardware, which minimizes the work required to install.

9. Useable in offices

Dispensers make an excellent addition to office break rooms, where using kettles and microwaves to heat water can waste valuable employee time.

How Does It Work?

Although many homes use gas for their larger hot water heaters, instant hot water dispensers generally use electricity. They work by pulling water from the main water line under the sink and heating it with high-wattage heating elements. The water is stored inside an insulated tank and reheated periodically to keep it at the desired temperature.

When the faucet lever is pressed, hot water is pulled up and dispensed. The tank refills with water, senses that the water temperature is too low, and begins heating again. The tank doesn’t operate at full power all the time and only operates as needed to keep the water hot.

How Should You Install One In Your Home?

Although some countertop drilling is required, instant hot water dispensers are easy to install. Start by unpackaging the dispenser and ensuring you have all the proper pipe connections. In some cases, you may need a special T-shaped connector for the main water supply.

Install the faucet first, then run pipes down through the hole in the countertop. Mount the tank to the wall inside the cabinet and connect the faucet to the tank. Make sure all necessary tank-to-faucet tubes are attached, as some models have as many as three.

Turn off the water, install the main water pipe connection, and connect the dispenser to the water supply according to the instruction manual. Double-check all tubes by pressing them into place one more time. Turn the water back on to fill the tank, then turn on the faucet to make sure water runs through it.

Do not plug in the tank until you run water through it for at least two minutes to ensure that it is filled. After you have plugged in the tank and let the water heat up, you can adjust the water temperature as needed. Keep in mind that water boils at lower temperatures at higher altitudes, so you may need to reduce the temperature if the faucet is spitting water at first.


1. Are instant hot water dispensers safe?

Yes, instant hot water dispensers are safe, and many include additional safety features to reduce user error. Most hot water dispensers have adjustable temperature settings, so parents who are concerned about scalds and burns can turn the temperature down as needed. Many hot water dispensers also have auto-off levers.

2. Are hot water dispensers better than a kettle?

Hot water dispensers are much more convenient than a kettle, mainly because of their instant availability. Kettles have to be filled with water, placed on the stove or turned on, and then poured once they are ready. Hot water dispensers are ready to use any time and don’t require lifting or pouring.

3. How much electricity does an instant hot water dispenser use?

Although instant hot water dispensers are capable of using 750-1700 watts of electricity at a time, they don’t run at full power all the time. A 750-watt dispenser that is infrequently used will use the same amount of electricity as a 40-watt bulb in a year.

4. Does instant hot water taps save money?

Instant hot water taps reduce the amount of time you spend running hot water and waiting for it to warm up. This can result in significant savings over time, especially if you use hot water frequently.

5. Which Should you Choose? Hot Water Dispenser vs. Kettle

Traditional hot water kettles are made of metal and heated on top of gas or electric stoves. They usually hold 8 cups of water but controlling the temperature of the water is difficult. If you don’t use the water right away, it eventually cools off and must be reheated.

Electric kettles are often faster and easier to use than stovetop kettles but are still only designed to heat and dispense a small amount of water at one time. They also must be lifted and poured, which can be a challenge for elderly individuals or busy parents with their hands full.

Most instant hot water dispensers can dispense over 60 cups of water per hour and are ready to go with no extra preparation. All you have to do is push a lever or button, and the water comes out. This is especially handy for cooking or cleaning, which sometimes requires large quantities of hot water.

Although most hot water dispensers require under-sink installation, they are easy to install and add to the value of your home. If you don’t want to worry about installation, some are available for countertop usage as well. These are excellent for kitchens, offices, or anywhere else hot water is needed.

Best Instant Hot Water Dispenser Reviews

1. InSinkErator HOT150 Instant Hot Water Dispenser

InSinkErator HOT150


  • Tool-free tank connections
  • up to 60 Cups per hour
  • Dry-Start Protection to Ease Installation
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Stainless steel water tank

Installation Setup: Deck Mounted

Highlights: 2/3 gallon hot water tank

2/3 Gallon Tank

The generously sized 2/3-gallon steel tank uses 750 watts of power to heat water quickly without wasting electricity. If you ever need more water than what’s in the tank, rest assured that the new water heats up with little wait. The tank comes with clear instructions and is an easy installation project for weekend warriors.

Easy-to-Use Temperature Settings

The dial on the front of the tank adjusts the water temperature between 160 and 210 degrees. This is a helpful feature for tea enthusiasts and chefs who may need a lower temperature. It also gives a little more peace of mind to safety-minded parents.

Chrome and Satin Nickel Faucets

The regal faucet designs can match almost any kitchen. Both the chrome and satin nickel options hold up to general wear and tear, whether you’re an avid cook or just use the faucet for tea and coffee. The faucet handles twist sideways for easy control.


  • Larger-than-average tank
  • Beautiful faucets with handles that stay turned on for easy use
  • Solid hardware that can handle wear and tear
  • 750-watt tank heats water quickly without wasting electricity
  • Designed for DIY installation


  • Dots on temperature settings make it harder to choose an exact temperature
  • One-year warranty is shorter than some comparable models

2. InSinkErator H-Wave-C Involve Series Wave Hot Water Dispenser with Stainless Steel Tank, Chrome

InSinkErator H-Wave-C Involve Series with Stainless Steel Tank, Chrome


  • Chrome and Satin Nickel Finish
  • Snap-action, adjustable Thermostat from 160F - 210F
  • Compact all metal dispenser design
  • Instant, Self-closing valve
  • 3-Year Parts and In-Home Service Warranty

Installation Setup: Deck Mounted

Highlights: 2/3 gallon hot water tank

Hot and Cold or Hot Only

The dispenser is available in either hot and cold or hot only models. Both provide a reliable supply of hot water with the same auto shut-off design and can heat water between 160-210 degrees. To get cold water from the hot and cold model, simply push the matching cold water lever.

Safe and Sturdy Faucets

Both the chrome and satin nickel options include an auto shut-off handle for added safety. The faucets are long-lasting and coordinate well with other kitchen hardware. They include small red markings as a warning for guests and children.

Three-Year Warranty

With three years of coverage for parts and repair, the warranty for this model is more generous than most. Most parts of the tank and faucet can be repaired by a trained technician that InSinkErator dispatches to your home.


  • Large ⅔ gallon tank heats up quickly
  • 750 watts for a balance of power and efficiency
  • DIY installation for most counter types and thicknesses
  • Longer warranty provides in-home repairs for peace of mind
  • Stylish faucets with safety features for both the hot and cold and hot only models


  • More expensive than the very similar HOT150 model
  • Heating element cannot be replaced if it wears out

3. Ready Hot Water Dispenser, Digital Display Includes Chrome Hot Water Faucet

Ready Hot Water Dispenser, Digital Display Includes Chrome Hot Water Faucet


  • Hot Water on Demand Makes it Ideal for Any Environment
  • 2/3 Gallon Capacity
  • Digital Temperature Control Display
  • Easy installation
  • Stainless steel tank

Installation Setup: Under Counter Setup

Highlights: Dual Lever Hot/Cold Faucet

1300 Watts

The RH-300 packs a considerable amount of power into its tank. The 1300 watts provide faster-than-average heating, and thanks to the ⅔ gallon steel tank, your supply of hot water will seem endless. It’s perfect for homes that serve a lot of tea or coffee, and for families who host guests frequently.

Large Temperature Range

Many hot water dispensers only heat above 150 degrees, but the RH-300 goes from 208 degrees down to 122 degrees. This can be helpful for parents or anyone else who’s worried about safety. There is also a hot and cold water model for even more flexibility.

Digital Screen

The digital display on the front of the tank shows the temperature settings to eliminate guesswork. Tea enthusiasts can get the perfect brew with the easy-to-read screen. There are only three simple buttons, so it’s easy to reach under the sink and change the settings as needed.


  • Digital display and easy buttons for precise temperature control
  • High power for faster heating and constant availability
  • ⅔ gallon tank is larger than average
  • Wide temperature range can give parents peace of mind with lower temperatures


  • Three-year warranty does not include service and labor charges

4. Anaheim AH-1300 Quick and Hot Instant Hot Water Tank

Anaheim AH-1300 Quick


  • Heater protection with self resetting thermal fuse
  • up to 60 cups per hour
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Stainless steel tank
  • 1 Year Replacement Warranty

Installation Setup: Under Counter Setup

Highlights: 5/8 gallon Capacity

Low-density Tank

The AH-1300 uses a low-density tank to reduce buildup, which requires less maintenance than similar models and increases its potential lifespan. The tank design doesn’t reduce water temperature or reheating speed, so it’s a great investment for frequent and infrequent users alike.

High Power

With 1300 watts at full power, this hard-working dispenser can heat u water quickly. Even if you empty the ⅝ gallon tank, it will be ready to go with a fresh supply of water within minutes. It works faster than comparable models that have lower wattage.

Use with Any Faucet

The dispenser can be used with any faucet that is rated for hot water use. This can be helpful for kitchens with unique faucet designs or unusual finishes. It also makes an excellent replacement model, since its small size and simple design are easy to connect to existing hardware.


  • Low-density tank reduces buildup, lowers maintenance frequency, and improves the lifespan
  • High wattage allows it to heat up quickly
  • Lower price than many comparable models
  • Easy to install if used as a replacement for another dispenser


  • No faucet or related hardware included, making it a tricky DIY job
  • Temperature setting dial doesn’t provide precise temperature control

5. Big Boss 1700W ThermoSpeed 9-Second Hot Water Dispenser

Big Boss 1700W ThermoSpeed 9-Second


  • LED Light Indicators
  • Electronically Controlled Heat and Pump System
  • Removable, Easy-to-Fill, Easy-to-Clean water Tank
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • User-Friendly

Installation Setup: Deck Mount Setup

Highlights: Hot Water on Demand in Just 9 Seconds

Countertop Usage

The Big Boss is a self-contained hot water machine that’s designed to dispense water directly into a mug or bowl. It can be placed directly on the countertop for easy access. It’s also great to use in offices or anywhere else you might need a cup of coffee or tea.

Heats Up Fast

The massive 1700-watt power system can heat a cup of water to near-boiling in just 9 seconds. This makes it easy to make tea, coffee, ramen noodles, or anything else that requires very hot water.

Simple and Clear Design

Just push the button on top of the dispenser, wait 9 seconds, and water comes out. The LED lights glow red when the water is boiling, and blue once it’s ready to use. The clear tank at the back makes it easy to tell when it needs a water refill.


  • Can be moved and used anywhere
  • No installation or extra parts needed
  • 1700 watts of power for rapid heating
  • Easy to use with simple buttons and LED system
  • Clear tank shows when it’s time to refill


  • Needs 9 seconds to heat up
  • Must be manually refilled with water
  • No temperature adjustment settings, only dispenses near-boiling water

6. Waste King H711-U-CH Hot Water Dispenser Faucet and Tank Combo Unit

 Waste King H711-U-CH


  • Instant Hot Water on Demand
  • Adjustable thermostat from 140-190 Degrees
  • Gooseneck Chrome Finish Faucet
  • Stainless Steel Water Tank
  • 1 Year Warranty

Installation Setup: Under Sink Setup

Highlights: Tank Capacity of up to 100 cups per hour

Stunning Chrome Design

The polished chrome faucet pairs perfectly with a modern kitchen. It has an elegant, yet durable, spring-loaded lever that shuts off automatically for safety. It has a red dot on the lever to let the user know it dispenses hot water, reducing confusion and user error.

Sturdy Tank Construction

The 1300-watt tank can last for years and draws comparisons to Waterstone’s Insta Hot system. However, this tank has a ⅝-gallon tank, while most Waterstone models have ½-gallon tanks. It’s a reliable temperature-adjustable tank that refills more than quickly enough for most families.

Safety Venting

Instant hot water heaters must be carefully engineered to deal with the fluctuations in water temperature. Since hot water expands, part of the heater must either grow larger or vent air to operate safely. This faucet and dispenser combo vents carefully through the faucet, minimizing the chance of leaks underneath the sink.


  • 140-190-degree water for safety
  • Red handle dot and faucet venting improve safety
  • Good tank size provides plenty of water for most families
  • 1300 watts of power for quick heat-up and near-constant water availability


  • Safety feature causes the faucet to drip occasionally
  • Temperature dial doesn’t control temperature precisely

7. Westbrass D271H-12 Velosah Hot Water Dispenser with Tank

Westbrass D271H-12 Velosah


  • Spring Piston Handle Assembly
  • auto-off handle function
  • Santoprene hot water tube
  • Stainless Steel Water Tank
  • Quick heating water tank, cannot be modified for cold water usage

Installation Setup: Under Sink Setup

Highlights: 5/8 gallon tank Capacity

Auto-Off Faucets

The faucets are available in black, chrome, and bronze options to coordinate with a wide range of kitchen décor. The faucets have a distinctive near-vertical piston lever that’s elegant and sleek, yet hard to confuse with a regular kitchen faucet. The spring-loaded lever automatically shuts off for safety.

Easy to Install

The included installation instructions are clear and include exact detailed diagrams for trouble-free setup. Its slim profile makes it easy to fit in a water filter, garbage disposal, or anything else you need to include under the sink. It’s a solid entry-level model for families that need an easy DIY job.

140-190 Degrees

The dispenser heats up to 190 degrees, with a dial for temperature control. The lower-than-average 140-degree minimum temperature is useful for families who want to have hot water at a safer temperature. It provides a steady supply at the set temperature and reheats quickly after the tank is depleted.


  • Clear installation process and helpful diagrams make it easy to DIY install
  • Good tank size and heating speed
  • Safe water temperature controls and faucet with auto shut-off lever


  • Wears out more quickly than comparable models
  • Can’t choose precise temperatures with the included dial

Final Verdict

InSinkErator HOT150 Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Water capacity, heating speed, durability, and safety are some of the many factors determining which hot water dispenser is the best. Though many models have similar features and product specifications, some deliver better results. Even models from the same company sometimes have very different ratings and reviews.

The InSinkErator HOT150 Instant Hot Water Dispenser delivers excellent results in all these areas and has excellent user reviews. The faucets turn on smoothly and have a gorgeous design to suit almost any kitchen. The system uses a 750-watt, ⅔-gallon tank for a great balance of power and energy efficiency.

Instant hot water dispensers make a great addition to kitchens and can increase the value of your home. They provide an incredible convenience for cooking, cleaning, and making tea and coffee. Even office break rooms can benefit from the added efficiency of being able to dispense hot water instead of microwaving it or using a kettle.

The InSinkErator HOT150 is perfect for these locations and is easy to install and use quickly. Being able to do things more quickly around the kitchen can make a huge difference, especially if you have a large family or frequent guests. Make the investment today to benefit from the convenience of instant hot water.

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