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3 Best GE Water Softeners in 2022 – The Only List You Need

by Carl Jensen

Plumber, Welder, Contractor

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Water softeners are invaluable systems that solve your hard water problems. While hard water generally doesn’t cause physical harm to humans, it can cause substantial damage to appliances such as water tanks, leading to costly repairs. If you notice your bathtub has a grimy ring or spots on your dishes, you may have a hard water problem.

We’ve carried out a range of GE water softener reviews to find the best products on the market. GE is a leading innovator in the industry, and using its water softeners could prevent unnecessary appliance damage. 

Read on for our pick of the best GE water softeners available today.

Top Choices on the Market

Best GE Water Softener Reviews

1. GE Appliances SMART GXSHC40N Water Softener: Best Water Softener for City Water

This incredible GE Appliances unit combines modern technology and engineering wizardry to bring you a remarkable home water softener. The quick-connect fittings ensure installation is straightforward, and the advanced system provides unrivaled protection for your home appliances.

 Invest in this market-leading state-of-the-art water softener and buy the GE Appliances SMART GXSHC40N Water Softener.


  • Customizable water softness levels
  • Remote shut-off through your smart device
  • Salt saving function reduces salt consumption



  • Water flow alerts on your smartphone
  • Low salt reminder notifications
  • Consumption tracking for improved efficiency
  • Quite an expensive water softener

Hard water is more of a danger to your bank balance than your health, and investing now could save you a considerable sum of money further down the line. Although this GE water softener is relatively expensive, the quality of the construction and use of innovative technology more than justifies the price. 

We were impressed that the select valve allows you to customize the level of water softness, which is ideal if you are unsure of your water’s hardness. You can experiment with different settings until you find your preferred level, making this perfect for those who appreciate a home appliance that meets your personal specifications.

An outstanding feature is the smart technology that allows your GE water softener to communicate with your smart device or phone. By sending real-time updates, the system can advise when you may have a leak or have left a faucet running, allowing you to take action before there is a more substantial problem. 

There is no need to rush home or pay for an emergency plumber call out as you can shut-off the water from your phone, even when you are not in the house.

The salt saver system eliminates waste, so your water softener operates at peak efficiency, while the water usage tracking system allows you to monitor your current efficiency. This feature is excellent for keeping an eye on your water consumption so you can adjust environmentally-unfriendly habits and save on household bills.

2. GE Appliances GXSF30V Water Softener: Best GE Water Softener for the Money




  • Takes days to empty salt tank refill indicator
  • Works with standard flow valves
  • Straightforward front-mounted electronic controls
  • Not as powerful as other GE water softeners

Water softeners need to regenerate to perform efficiently, and this model has an incredibly short rest time of only 104 minutes. Although it may not be as powerful as some other GE water softeners, it can capably remove minerals from water for smaller households. 

The days to empty the salt tank indicator ensures you always know when to top up your unit, eliminating the risk of malfunction or damage to the system. While many larger units require connection to high flow valves, this water softener works with standard flow valves to connect directly to your current plumbing system. 

We loved the front-mounted electronic controls that make it easy to choose your desired settings, and the memory function means you don’t have to enter your preferences before each use. 

You can set the water hardness level to suit your circumstances, so the unit only regenerates when it needs to. The straightforward programming system allows you to choose your settings in a matter of seconds. 

If you are returning from vacation, there is no need to take any special action to ensure your water softener operates effectively when you are home. While you can instigate a regeneration cycle, it is unnecessary as your system can work effectively even after several weeks of inaction.

If you are shopping for a GE water softener on a budget, we highly recommend this exceptional model that performs above the level of its price tag.

3. GXSH45V Water Softener: Best GE Water Softener for Powerful Performance




  • Superior mineral removal rate
  • Sleek and slimline design
  • Meets strict NSF safety standards
  • Relatively lengthy regeneration time

If you have a large household or live in an area where the water hardness concentration is exceptionally high, this is the GE water softener for you. With an enormous 45,100-grain capacity, the unit has a remarkable clear water iron reduction rate of 12 ppm. Although the regeneration time is slightly longer than rival GE water softeners, it is unsurprising considering the enormous cleaning power in this unit. 

Because of the vigorous performance, you need to connect this water softener to a high flow valve. We are impressed by the outer frame’s design, as it is slimline and fits into many compact spaces, even though the internal components soften large amounts of water in a short period. 

The memory settings are useful, and you can save time by programming your preferred electronically-driven controls during the initial system set-up. We found the control panel intuitive, and it only took us a few minutes to have the water softener up and running. The salt storage capacity of 230 lbs. ensures you can fill it once and not have to worry about refills for a considerable period.

However, there is a handy low-salt indicator to remind you when the level is running low. This helps prevent damage to the system or a reduced performance level, keeping the hard water level entering your home to a minimum.  

For peace of mind, this GE water softener meets stringent NSF safety standards, which is the benchmark for manufacturers producing high-quality appliances for the consumer market.

Final Verdict


Appliances SMART GXSHC40N

Hard water can be damaging for water-consuming appliances and can block plumbing by causing mineral deposits to build-up on pipes. 

A GE water softener can remove many of these troublesome minerals, helping you to feel more refreshed and reducing the risk of incurring costly plumbing repair bills. It is essential to choose a large enough model for your household requirements and ensure adequate salt supply in the unit. 

GE makes installing and maintaining your hard water softener a hassle-free experience, allowing you to get on with your day. Whether you need a powerful water softener or one that has a smaller carbon footprint, GE have you covered. 

While we noticed improved water quality when using each GE unit, one model came out on top. For superior performance, smart technology for remote monitoring and control, and an attractive design, we recommend the GE Appliances SMART GXSHC40N Water Softener. We have more water softeners, in fact we made a shortlist and gathered the excellent ones in our definitive buying guide.

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