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Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review 2022

by Jennifer Bellini

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Depending on the type of bottled water that you buy, you can easily drop a few hundred dollars a month on those small bottles. Thanks to the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher, you can get the taste of the premium water that you love with a pitcher that does the filtering for you. This pitcher is easy for kids and elderly loved ones to use too.

Free from the BPA and other materials that you may want to avoid, it is also vegan-friendly and recyclable when it reaches the end of its usefulness. You get more filtering than you would from similar pitches too. Read through our Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher review to see why the pitcher is worth your money,



  • Same-day customer support
  • Tested to work on most major contaminants
  • 100% recyclable and vegan
  • Both the pitcher and filters are recyclable
  • Easy for kids and adults to use


  • Takes some time to filter the water
  • Doesn't work on dissolved solids
  • Can leave behind some bad tastes
  • Some customers noticed bad odors in their water

Is It Worth Your Money?

The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is definitely worth the money because it removes more than 2,000% contaminants that some of the other leading pitchers do not. Not only does it remove chlorine and lead, but it can work on mercury, lead and other contaminants that Brita pitchers often miss. With five stages of filtering power, this pitcher can remove contaminants that are only two-micron pores in size.

Designed to keep the minerals that the human body needs such as magnesium and calcium, this pitcher can provide water that is healthier than you would get from a bottle. It comes with a lifetime guarantee to cover future problems and lets you contact customer support and get a response the same day.


  • Dimension: 13.7 X 13 X 9 inches
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Up to 150 Gallons  of Filtration Capacity
  • Lifetime guarantee

Detailed Breakdown

Use our review of the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher to make sure that this is the right pitcher for your home. We even included some alternative pitchers that you might find helpful.


The top feature of the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is its efficiency, which removes thousands of the contaminants that your water might have and work on those that other pitchers leave behind. Whether you want to eliminate copper and mercury or chlorine and lead, this pitcher is a good choice. It doesn't touch the healthy minerals that you want though.

Designed for anyone in your family to use, this pitcher makes replacing the filter easy. That filter works better than those found on other pitchers and lasts longer too. You can use this pitcher every day for 150 days before it will need a new filter.


  • Filters up to 150 gallons of water
  • Triple capacity filters with multiple stages
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Weighs just over three pounds
  • 13.7 X 13 X 9 inches
  • Recyclable filters


Aquagear is the only company we found that sent its pitchers to Flint, Michigan for testing to show customers that it works well on common contaminants. Those tests found that it significantly reduced the amount of copper and lead in the water. It also meets federal standards.

As each filter can clean and purify up to 150 gallons, you get more use out of the pitcher too. One possible downside that we wanted to point out is that it filters slowly. You'll find it helpful to fill it with water and place it in the fridge for a few hours before pouring a glass.


When you compare the cost of the Aquagear water pitcher to others, you'll find that it costs a little more than some of the smaller pitchers do but is cheaper than other larger models. Each filter can clean and purify up to 150 gallons of water, which is up to four times as long as the filters in other pitchers do.


We highly recommend the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher for those who want a convenient way to filter water that doesn't require dozens of steps. Once you add the filter to the inside, you can lift the lid and pour it in the water before placing the pitcher in the fridge. The next time that you open the door, you'll find that the filtered water drained into the reservoir and is ready to drink.

This is also a good choice for those who want to cut down on their plastic usage. It lets you get the pure and clean water you desire without throwing away or recycling bottles. It can outperform some of the pitchers with a similar design too.

Our Opinion

After looking at quite a few other filtering pitchers, we found that the Aquagear can keep up with the competition and outperform those pitchers in a few key areas. The filters last for between three and four times longer than others do and remove impurities while leaving behind the best minerals.

If you want to keep a constant source of clean drinking water on hand for your family, this is a great pitcher for you. With our Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher review, you can learn all about the pitcher and buy one today.

Other Options Worth Looking at

A good water pitcher ensures that you have clean drinking water at home that is free of the impurities that come from city or rural sources. Other alternatives to the Aquagear pitcher are the EHM Ultra Alkaline and Ultra Max with 1 Longlast Filter, which comes in a black color. It has an extra-large capacity that filters up to 18 cups of water and a design that saves space in the fridge.

Brita makes both that pitcher and the Everyday Water Pitcher with Filters. It weighs just over three pounds and comes with a standard filter that can replace up to 300 traditional water bottles. Though both Brita pitchers are solid alternatives, the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher removes contaminants that the other pitchers do not.

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